Recycling Captains Wanted for Hilltown Spring Festival

The Goal is Zero-Waste at the Hilltown Spring Festival

Efforts are under way to move the Hilltown Spring Festival closer to its goal of becoming a zero-waste event. This week, Eric Weiss of the Hilltown Resource Management Cooperative (HRMC), which handles recycling at the festival, will be talking with students at Wahconah Regional High School about how recycling and composting are a key part of the sustainability equation. He’ll also be recruiting volunteer recycling “captains” to help direct fairgoers to the proper bins on May 15th.

“I think it’s important to always attach the word goal to the phrase, “zero waste,” Weiss says. “Otherwise, you miss understanding how this actually gets done.”

The Williamsburg-based HRMC was created 20 years ago by volunteers from area towns who wanted a regional solution to the problem of solid waste disposal. For more info, contact Weiss at (413) 268-3845,

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