Make Your Own Natural Bug Repellent Using Essential Oils

Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me!
By Tony(a) Lemos, HF Contributing Writer

The  Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia LawlessCreate your own natural bug repellent!

It is easy to make your own non-toxic bug spray by using store bought essential oils. Essential oils are steam-distilled pure concentrates of the natural oils present in plants, flowers, roots, and trees and can be purchased at your local health food store.

The high amounts of essential oils that are so often found in store bought natural bug sprays are unnecessary, and can be made at home using less. To make your own insect repellent, combine rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, vodka, or olive oil with one of the essential oils listed below. Read the rest of this entry »

One Comment on “Make Your Own Natural Bug Repellent Using Essential Oils

  1. Thanks for all the useful information. I just wanted to add that at this time of year many people have problems with ants. I have used peppermint oil in a spray bottle with distilled water with great success. I put about 15 drops of the oil in a 4 oz. bottle. I just spray it around where they like to come in the house, and no more ants!

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