Music Giveaway – Putumayo Kids Presents: Jazz Playground

New Music Giveaway
Putumayo Kids Presents: Jazz Playground
Bebop, swing and all that jazz: cool tunes for global kids!

Hilltown Families and Putumayo Kids have partnered up to offer a chance to win Putumayo Kids’ recently released Jazz Playground, a new CD collection of international jazz songs for children. From bebop and swing to Latin and African jazz, this multicultural CD celebrates the vibrant diversity and global influence of jazz and will get the whole family grooving!  Jazz Playground demonstrates how artists in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania have adopted jazz and made it their own.

Featuring a new, colorful storybook-style booklet and glossary of musical terms (image below), Jazz Playground pairs sophisticated sounds with kid-friendly lyrics. “Mary Had a Little Lamb” gets a jazzy new twist in the hands of New York City-based Israeli saxophonist and jazz educator Oran Etkin and Brooklynite Charanee Wade, while American artist Barbara Morrison delivers a smooth and cool version of the British classic “Sing a Song of Sixpence.”


Featured artist Lewis Franco will share his love of jazz with all-ages audiences in Amherst, MA at the Eric Carle Museum on a special concert tour March 28th, 2010 at 1pm. The concert is free with museum admission. Lewis Franco has been entertaining Vermont audiences of all ages for many years. Franco’s most recent music features mostly original swing tunes about family life.


Your chance to win a free copy of the new Putumayo Kids Presents: Jazz Playground CD is as easy as 1-2-3 (4)! To win simply

  1. POST A COMMENT BELOW and be sure to tell us your
  2. FULL NAME and where you
  3. LIVE (TOWN/STATE) Must include your town and state to be eligible. We’ll randomly draw a winner from those who leave a comment (along with their full name and town/state) and contact the winner via email.  So be sure to leave an
  4. ACCURATE EMAIL in the email field of the comment box (we never share your email address).

IT’S THAT SIMPLE! — Deadline is Sunday, March 28th, 2010 @ 7pm (EST).

20 Comments on “Music Giveaway – Putumayo Kids Presents: Jazz Playground

  1. Congratulations to:

    • Dawn Flatt of Worthington, MA
    • Laine Romero-Alston of Northampton, MA

    Both families have won a copy of Putumayo Kids Presents: Jazz Playground.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in our giveaway. Look back for more great opportunities to win music, tickets, DVD’s and more!

  2. We love Putumayo!
    Laine, Naila and Lucia
    Northampton, MA

  3. Putumayo’s “Jazz Playground” is a smorgasbord of jazz, latin and blues music designed for the children of the world. It has been a real pleasure to have discovered imaginative artists like Lewis Franco, Oran Etkin, Barbara Morrison, Gui Tavares, etc. Jazz has been the medium for decades in children’s movies from “Jungle Book” to “The Incredibles”. I was so excited I even posted two bars of chocolate to the Putumayo crew for Easter as, for my part, I composed the “Gazooba” clip for Kinderjazz. None of this would have been possible without the founder Dan Storper’s vision and I hope our video clip on the Putumayo website entertains the kids as much as it did us, in Sydney, Australia, when we filmed it. Maybe Lewis Franco will come visit one day and we’ll throw a shrimp of the BBQ. Rare, medium or well done ?

  4. I love Putumayo CDs! Can’t wait to listen to this one!

    Philadelphia, PA

  5. Rachael Escandon, Winchester Ca


  6. I <3 Putumayo!

    Jen Marisi
    Haddon Heights NJ

  7. This sounds so great!

    Dawn Flatt
    Worthington, MA

  8. I love Putumayo!

    Ilani Pylant
    Amherst, MA

  9. We’d love to hear some new jazz…thanks.

  10. Great giveaway! The Putumayo CD’s are always sooooo good! Thanks!
    Tina Cornell
    West Chesterfield, MA

  11. Hoping to see them at the Carle.
    Granby, MA

  12. We love jazz here in Pownal, Vermont!

  13. YES PLEASE!!!!! love, the jensen family in Leeds,MA.

  14. We love having dance parties to Putumayo cds at our house!!

    Jessica Geary
    Hardwick, MA

  15. The Putumayo Playground series is a huge favorite in this household!

    Diane Kanzler
    Greenfield, MA

  16. We like jazz—and new music is always good!

    Sara Barry
    Haydenville, MA

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