It Takes A Village: A New Initiative for Families in the Hilltowns with Newborns

It Takes A Village Hosts an Open House
February 28th, 2010 in Cummington, MA

It Takes a Village‘ is a free-of-charge, community service that supports families for the first three months after a baby is born. A family is matched with a volunteer who visits the family home on a weekly basis, providing support with anything from meal preparation and dishwashing, to companionship and playing with older children.

The Village is modeled after Many Mothers in Santa Fe, NM. We are based in the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts, and dedicate our service to the memory of Heather Egan, who gave her own life bringing a new one into the world.

‘It Takes a Village’ was initiated by Maureen Shea after her son was born last autumn. The first six weeks were the most trying time Maureen had ever experienced and she spoke with her midwives, Tanya Rapinchuk and Lucinda McGovern about the extra support needed for families with newborns.

“There was one particular afternoon when my good friend Samantha came over for a couple of hours and in that time she folded laundry, helped me make dinner, made space for me to express my woes and was a generally glowing support”, Maureen shared, “and that visit was a turning point for me in my healing after the birth”.

Lucinda sent a copy of the Many Mothers manual to Maureen and along with Heather Cupo, Davio Danielson, Bi-sek Hsiao, Jaylin Stahl and Anna Toth, ‘It Takes a Village’ was born.

OPEN HOUSE – 02/28/2010 from 2-4pm

At the OPEN HOUSE on February 28th, 2010 in Cummington from 2-4pm, the founders will introduce ‘It Takes a Village‘ to the community at the Cummington Community House at 33 Main Street in Cummington, MA. Expectant families, families with newborns and interested volunteers are warmly welcome. All those who already work with families post-partum are invited to join us and to add their contact information to our list of resources.

The OPEN HOUSE is a family-friendly event! There will be an appearance of the Green Tara puppet from Moejo puppets as well as an excerpt from Maureen’s latest performance piece, Tremble.

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  1. Hi, Left message, we are hearing that people are trying to make contact with you and no one is responding.

    Please call Barbara Wiemers at BFMC, Birthplace . at this point unsure if we should send referal your way. ? if you are too busy.
    thank you

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