Hilltown Challenge at the Meekins Library

Meekins Faces a Happy Challenge

Meekins Library in Williamsburg, MA. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

The Meekins Library in Williamsburg, MA has a dedicated advocate! For the fourth year in a row, Goshen, MA resident Kay Warren is encouraging residents of surrounding communities to take her Hilltown Challenge and support the library that serves communities up and down the hills.

Library Director Lisa Wenner says, “Warren has once again generously issued a $1500 challenge—asking residents who especially live outside of Williamsburg to donate to the library. Warren will match their gifts with her own, essentially doubling the power of a gift from Hilltown residents.” Wenner adds “This is such a thoughtful way to encourage support among people who don’t live in town but who love and use the library.”

The current state of the economy and recent budget cuts have taken their toll on all libraries. Wenner says, “People understand this and want to help.” This year’s Hilltown Challenge is one part of the current annual appeal to Williamsburg and Haydenville residents and all Meekins and Haydenville Libraries users for the support that keeps the libraries’ collections and programs vital to the communities.

Warren has long been a devotee of public libraries. She recalled that “As a kid, I remember spending wonderful afternoons at the local library. It was fun to be an explorer, to check out books and find moments to enjoy them, to travel in time and space to other places in the world of the imagination.” Because her of her childhood library experiences, Warren finds the Meekins’ service as the local elementary school library particularly important.

The now familiar glass donation jar is in place at the Meekins. Wenner encourages patrons to stop by and adds that “donations to the annual fund from everyone in Williamsburg and our sister communities are welcome.”

For more information call: 413-268-7472; contact Daria D’Arienzo at: ddarienzo@cwmars.org or visit Meekins online at: www.meekins-library.org

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