Dancing Queens in Ashfield

Winning Film from 2009 Ashfield FilmFest

Remember in August when Nancy Hoff, co-owner of Ashfield Hardware invited the community to come together in a Mama Mia Reunion and Reenactment?  Mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers came together to create a short film for the 2009 Ashfield FilmFest which received the First Prize and Audience Choice.

Liz Castro of Ashfield, MA shares the video here:

3 Comments on “Dancing Queens in Ashfield

  1. I loved this film because I found the very good energy I discovered when I was in your area.

    This is a very feeling to see all women together dancing like the film
    Congradulation for all of you


  2. It is so beautiful to see so many women in our hilltown community come together and share in this fun time! It get’s me choked up too, Ellie!

    – Sienna

  3. This video made me cry of happiness!

    Go girls!!!!! you rock!!!!!!!!!!

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