Donate Your Old Laptop to Forbes Library in Northampton

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Lisa Downing, Assistant Director at the Forbes Library in Northampton, MA writes:

Did you know that the library lends laptops to patrons for in-library use? This program was instituted a few years ago and continues to be a very popular service for patrons. The program runs through the generous donation of laptops from the community. A patron can check out a laptop for up to two hours and use it anywhere in the building utilizing the library’s wireless network. This program has greatly expanded computer access for patrons but we are finding that by the middle of the afternoon we have more people asking than we have laptops to offer. If you have recently upgraded your laptop or are planning on doing so, consider donating your old laptop to Forbes Library.

Laptop must power up and have at minimum:
900 mhz CPU
512 meg RAM
10 gigabyte hard drive
ability to run Windows XP or better

When you donate, we will provide you with a receipt of goods for your tax return. Our technician reformats the laptop’s hard drive to remove any information that you have stored so your privacy is completely protected. Contact Lisa Downing at, call 587-1017 or just drop it off at the circulation desk. Thank you!

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