Gift wrap IS recyclable!

Amy Donovan, Program Director of Franklin County Solid Waste Management District writes:

Gift wrap IS recyclable! Reuse what you can and toss the ripped up stuff into your paper recycling bin (Do not include gift wrap with metallic ink, glitter, or foil). When opening gifts, use a brown paper bag to capture gift wrap, tissue paper, greeting cards, envelopes and boxes.

The details, from the Springfield MRF’s website: (Springfield MRF is where recycling from 80 towns in Western Mass goes)

DO Recycle:

  • gift-wrap (except those with foil, metallic ink, or glitter)
  • greeting cards (except those with foil, glitter, or wire)
  • corrugated cardboard boxes
  • paperboard gift boxes
  • catalogs

DO NOT Recycle:

  • ribbons, bows, and tinsel
  • packing peanuts, bubble wrap, styrofoam
  • “blister pack” plastic packaging from toys, electronics, etc. This is the stuff that is impossible to open and is shaped like the object inside the package.

If you have any questions about recycling, please contact the recycling hotline at 888-888-0784, ext. 2293.

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