Race to Nowhere: How the Pressure to Perform is Impacting Our Kids

Race To Nowhere is a groundbreaking documentary film that examines education, childhood and the unintended consequences of the achievement-obsessed way of life that permeates American education and culture. Unrelenting pressure, whether from well-intentioned parents, teachers, national leaders or from children themselves, is creating a generation suffering from unprecedented levels of stress, depression and burnout.


Race to Nowhere invites you to add your voice to a growing movement of educators, parents, medical professionals, policy makers and concerned citizens who want to see real change in education policies and practices.

Too many students in all grades in the U.S. are under undue performance pressure and stress, get too little sleep and exercise, have too much unnecessary homework, and attend schools that are overly focused on standardized test scores, grades, and/or college admissions. Too many teachers are unable to engage in quality teaching because they have inadequate resources or are under too much pressure from federal, state, district and board mandates that force them to “teach to a test” as they attempt to “cover” an unrealistic volume of content.

As a result, students are no longer in classrooms that challenge them to solve complex problems and think creatively, to work collaboratively on projects, to explore issues with real-world connections, and to develop the real skills needed to succeed in the 21st century and the global economy. Many students are exhausted, anxious, disengaged, unhealthy and unprepared for the future.

Click here to check out their petition to be presented to the  U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, members of Congress, as well as members of state boards of education, state legislators, and local boards of education.  Parents are also encourage the use of this petition in their local school community.

And HERE for other ways to get involved. They are currently addressing the best way to create a nationwide group of volunteers to support the film, screenings and a vision for change and are also looking for school administrators interested in joining their advisory board.

4 Comments on “Race to Nowhere: How the Pressure to Perform is Impacting Our Kids

  1. HI Guys, Sorry if anyone went to this event. This was going to be presented by the family center however I think they called it off

  2. I hear ya, Frank! I’ll keep you posted if I hear of another screening in our area. – Make sure you check the HF list of Weekly Suggested Events every Thursday to find out what’s happening through out the week!


  3. BRAVO!!!!
    This movie is right on target and I hope this movement spreads far and wide.
    I only wish I new about the showing earlier so I could plan on being there and inviting other folks too.

    May the momentum carry us forth!

  4. Monday, October 4th, 2010 at 7pm in Easthampton, MA

    Screening of The Race to Nowhere will be at the Easthampton Family Center (43 Main St.), sponsored by The Flywheel Arts Collective. ($)

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