Thanksgiving Stories for Vegetarian Families

Vegan Thanksgiving Stories for Children

Cynthia Mosher, VegFamily Editor writes: As an adult, it can be difficult to manuveur through the Thanksgiving questions and comments that inevitably present themselves from nonvegan friends, family members, and plain old strangers. For children, it can be even more difficult and cause them to question their vegan lifestlye. They can be delicate moments but therein lies opportunity for education, growth, and advocacy for them and for us as parents and family.

One of the best ways to prepare for holidays like Thanksgiving is through stories. Reading to your child or listening to him or her read is something all children love. Selecting a topic that can help your child appreciate the ethics of being a vegan will go a long way in reaffirming what they already know but are made to question again and again in our nonvegan world. Here are a few books specifically for the Thanksgiving holiday, plus a few others that are more general in topic, reviewed by Alissa Finley:

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