Hilltown Library Awarded 3 Gold Stars for Public Service!

Meekins Library in Williamsburg, MA Awarded 3 Gold Stars!

Meekins Library in Worthington, MAWatch for the gold stars in the windows as you pass the Meekins Library in Williamsburg. This week the Meekins Library was awarded three gold stars from the Library Journal Index of Public Library Service 2009. One of 258 public libraries recognized nationally, the Meekins Library and other winners excelled in four service measures: circulation, visits, program attendance and public internet terminal use.

John Ramsay, Director of the Western Massachusetts Regional Library System, states, “The Western Massachusetts Regional Library System is proud to have 3 of its member libraries counted among the 13 Massachusetts public libraries that achieved designations from the Library Journal as “starred libraries” which measures their levels of service delivery in relation to peer libraries nationally. In Massachusetts, only 3.5% public libraries received stars. Nationally, only 258 libraries (2.8% of all the 9,214 public libraries) were awarded stars, a select group indeed.

“The Meekins Library, in Williamsburg (about 2,500 population), has undergone an amazing transformation over the past few years. Its wonderful expansion project relieved cramped quarters and now provides an open and attractive setting for people to use and enjoy the facility. The library’s foresight to join the C/W MARS automated network has provided access to books and other library materials far beyond what the library could possibly have in its own collection. The computers have drawn new users and opens up a whole world of information. And the creative programs the library staffs have offered have benefited library users of all ages. The Library Journal 3 Star Award is well deserved, and the Town of Williamsburg should be proud that its support of the library and its budgetary needs delivers a great return on investment for all the people of the town.”

Library Director, Lisa Wenner, credits the library staff’s hard work and customer service ethic; the new library addition, which includes a public meeting room and renovation of the library’s historic building; the presence of public internet terminals and wi-fi; as well as the library’s convenient location in the middle of Williamsburg with the high score given to the library.

Wenner goes on to say that, “In these challenging times public libraries stand out as vital public spaces where all people can go to get information. Whether it’s job searching using the library’s computers, children’s programming or free public interest programming in the evening, public libraries like the Meekins see more patrons and are busier than ever. We plan to continue to work hard to provide quality service to the Williamsburg community.”

Christopher Loring, Williamsburg Board of Library Trustees remarks, “This is fantastic. I always knew we were a star library…now the state, now the country knows that Williamsburg has a star library with stars for staff.”

For more information and the full text article in the November 15th Library Journal.

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