Hold a Commercial-Free Book Fair at Your School

CCFC’s Guide to Commercial-Free Book Fairs

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood writes: Are you tired of all the items for sale at your book fair that aren’t books–such as toys, video games, posters, and fashion accessories? Do you think that school book fairs should promote reading without promoting TV shows and movies?

A Commercial-Free Book Fair is the perfect way to:


  • Raise funds for a school in a manner consistent with its educational mission.
  • Promote literacy.
  • Provide an alternative for children who are already inundated with marketing for media-linked products.
  • Enrich classroom and library book collections.
  • Provide books to students–including the opportunity to purchase books for those who may not have the funds to buy them.
  • Support a local business.

CCFC’s Guide to Commercial-Free Book Fairs includes a directory of independent booksellers who support book fairs. (Booksellers who would like to be included in future editions of the guide should email ccfc@jbcc.harvard.edu.)

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