Hilltown Arts Alliance Now Forming

Worthington Cultural Council writes:

The Worthington Cultural Council (WCC) invites you to a meeting on Nov. 11, 7pm to discuss the formation of a comprehensive Hilltown arts alliance. Worthington Historical Society building (looks like a church), corner of 143 and 112.

Explanation: the WCC members began a process that we hope will ultimately result in a coalition of HIlltown artists…we sent out a questionnaire and received 30 replies…

Our current goal is to create a website that will contain a calendar of events, classes, concerts, shows, etc. We plan an “artist of the month”, list classes, open studios, venues available for performances, shows, lectures, and readings. We are in the beginning stage and would appreciate input from you about content and local artists’ needs. We believe that such a website could bring more people to Hilltown events and more revenue to the local, often underserved Hilltown artists working in all disciplines.

We are looking for people from all Hilltowns who would like to be involved in the planning and implementation of this project. We hope you will be among them. Your input and participation is important to us.

If you would like to participate, please let us know. If you want to bring a friend who is interested in the arts, please do.

Thank you ,
Jan Roby, 238-5593
Mary Pulley, 238-7747
Kate Ewald, 238-5556

If you are interested in this event, please reply to the contact people above; they need to ensure they’ll be enough folks attending in order to have it at the Worthington Historical Society building. (They will have it at someone’s house if there is only a small group).

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