Greek God Comes to High School in the Hilltowns

A Comedy Presented by Hampshire Regional Drama Company

Hampshire Regional Drama Company will continue their tradition of giving graduating seniors a chance to direct their own production and then present it to the school and surrounding community on November 5th through the 7th at the Hampshire Regional High School Auditorium at 7pm. This fall’s senior collaboration features a fresh new comedy entitled Gods Help Us, written by Hampshire Regional senior Bailly Morse. The family-friendly plot follows the fictional Greek demigod Evangelos, who in order to complete his training as a God of Mount Olympus, must complete community service hours in an American high school.

The cast is made up of over 20 students from all grades, as well as high school biology teacher Todd Bryant. Main roles include Adam Federman as Evangelos, Sarah Labrie as Clara, Bailly Morse as Amy, Lucas Fitzpatrick as Hermes, and Alice Miller as Eris.

Hampshire Regional senior Rachel Halpern serves as director of the production. Halpern, 17, has been involved in theatrical productions since coming to the school in 2004. Morse, also 17, has already published two full-length novels and has also been involved in the Drama Company since seventh grade. Along with writing the entire original script, Morse acts in a large supporting role onstage. For both seniors, Gods marks their first full-length production in an authoritative role. Hampshire Regional Drama Company Advisor Michael Braidman serves as Technical Director and Advisor. Hampshire junior Lucas Fitzpatrick serves as the Producer. The cast, stage crew, tech crew, and production staff is made up of members of the Hampshire Regional student body.

General Admission: $5. For more information, contact Lucas Fitzpatrick, Producer, at (413) 695-9293 or by email at

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