TAKE ACTION: Prevent Health Services Funding Cuts to Schools!

Mimi Stamer, President of the Massachusetts School Nurse Organization writes:

Funding cuts are projected for the school health services (line item 4590-0250). Please call the Governor’s office immediately at (617) 725-4000 with the following message:

“I am a parent/educator/community partner in _____ (town). I’m calling to ask that the Governor not make any additional cuts to line item 4590-0250 which has already undergone significant cuts this year during a time of great demand and stress on school health services. The Dept of Public Health, Essential Health Services grant is fundamental to school nurses’ ability to provide surveillance and management of the commonwealth’s students – an H1N1 vulnerable population. The grant also supports school nurse positions which are critical to making decisions on student dismissals and even school closures based upon population risk. The line item also supports school based health centers, a critical service for primary care especially needed during the downturn in the economy where parents rely on our services, especially if they are unemployed. It makes no sense to cut these safety nets for students in the Commonwealth. Thank you”

Let your voice be heard- and make the difference!

Mimi Stamer

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