Western Mass Families & Neighbors Gather for World Wide Grassroots Demonstration

350.org International Climate Action Day in Western Mass

This past Saturday, families and neighbors from all over Western Massachusetts gathered to take action in a world wide grassroots demonstration on climate change. Several of these events in Western Mass were posted here.

On this day, people in 181 countries came together for the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet’s history. At over 5200 events around the world, people gathered to call for strong action and bold leadership on the climate crisis. Over 15,000 photos have been submitted so far!  See them all on Flickr.  Discover more about 350.org here.

Many images of actions taking place right here in our home state of Massachusetts where submitted. As I looked through the photos I was so happy to see many familiar faces in several of the images.  The commitment of our local families, especially on such a terribly rainy day we had this past Saturday, is fantastic! I put together this collage of wonderful images of local Western Massachusetts families and neighbors taking action and being part of a global message to address climate change:

350.org International Climate Action Day in Western Massachusetts

Images pictured from left to right, top to bottom are labeled below.  Click on the label and it will take you to the image on the 350.org Flickr site and will include any descriptions of their events submitted with the photo.

  1. Montague, MA – Montague Neighbors
  2. Lenox, MA – Evergreen Environmental Club
  3. Monterey, MA
  4. Greenfield, MA – Climate Carnival at Greenfield HS. (photo credit: Daniel A. Brown)
  5. Old Deerfield, MA – Sarah Pirtle Concert
  6. Deerfield, MA – Eaglebrook School
  7. Northfield, MA – (photo credit: Maribeth Dawkins)
  8. Ashfield, MA
  9. South Hadley, MA – Mosier Science Buddies Program
  10. Northampton, MA – Laural Park
  11. Amherst, MA – Amherst College (photo credit: Jessica Mestre)
  12. Northampton, MA – N’hampton Climate Action (photo credit: David Solfiell)
  13. Sunderland, MA – Sunderland Kindergarten (photo credit: Susan Breines)
  14. Amherst, MA – Amherst 350 Committee
  15. Williamstown, MA – Williamstown Elementary School (photo credit: Cheryl Sacks)
  16. Cummington, MA – 350 Neighbors (photo credit: Richard Shephard)
  17. Great Barrington, MA – (photo credit: Jamie Goldenberg)
  18. Cummington, MA – 350 Neighbors (photo credit: Richard Shephard)

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