Bids to Offer Guiding Good Choices Parent Workshops

Bids to Offer Guiding Good Choices Parent Workshops
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The Strategic Planning Initiative for Families and Youth (SPIFFY) in collaboration with the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, and with funding support from the Massachusetts Woman’s Home Missionary Union seeks bids to provide the science-based Guiding Good Choices (GGC) Program in Hampshire County. Non-profits, consultants, faith communities, school districts and government agencies are encouraged to submit responses for the implementation with fidelity of the GGC Program. (Note: The Western Massachusetts Center for Healthy Communities in Holyoke has the GGC curriculum and facilitator’s manual available for loan). Bids should not exceed $1600 per workshop proposed. It is hoped that there will be enough money to fund between 5 and 10 programs over the year.

Guiding Good Choices is a five-week curriculum for those parenting children ages 9-14. This program addresses the risk factors that an adolescent may encounter as well as protective factors that parents can enhance to protect their child from engaging in unhealthy behaviors. It offers proven strategies to help prevent alcohol, drug and tobacco abuse as well as increase strategies that are intended to help parents strengthen their ties with their child during the pre-teen and teen years.

Eligible applicants must have access to a group of parents/caregivers whose children are between the ages of 9 and 14 years in Hampshire County. For an application to be considered, the agency must identify a staff person to facilitate at least 2 hours per week of the Guiding Good Choices curriculum for five weeks. The indicated staff person shall either be a certified Guiding Good Choices facilitator, have previously co-facilitated a Guiding Good Choices program with a certified facilitator, plans to co-facilitate with a certified facilitator and participate in upcoming trainings offered through the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, or coordinate the program and hire a separate trained consultant to facilitate the sessions. If you are interested in attending a Guiding Good Choices facilitator training or for a list of trained facilitators, please contact Ruth Ever (chair of the SPIFFY Parent Education Workgroup) at the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office at or 413-586-9225 ext. 121.

All applicants submitting a bid must be willing to evaluate the program with a pre/post test. Support in creating a survey is available through SPIFFY or the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office. A copy of an already created GGC pre- and post- session survey may be obtained through Ruth Ever or Sue Cairn, SPIFFY Coordinator at 586-4900 ext 177 or

Funding is available to cover:

  • workshop facilitation (including prep time)
  • materials
  • childcare
  • food
  • incentives
  • stipends

SPIFFY seeks bids from groups representing a broad range of communities. Funds will be reimbursed on a cost-reimbursement basis. A committee comprising members of the SPIFFY Parent Education Workgroup and SPIFFY staff will review and approve applications. Invoices, complete with receipts and backup should be submitted to Ruth Ever at the DA’s office within one week of final session.

Opportunity for Written or Verbal Questions:

Questions are welcome! Any questions with regards to the Guiding Good Choices curriculum or this Request For Response should be e-mailed to Ruth Ever at or by calling her at (413) 586-9225, Tuesday through Friday. If you can’t reach Ruth you can contact Sue Cairn at 413-586-4900 x 177.

Instructions for Submission of Responses:

  • Short proposals are encouraged! The proposal should be no more than 4 pages. Please use a 12 pt font. You can email your response or send a hard copy.
  • If mailing, please send 3 copies plus the original response.
  • No faxes shall be accepted.

Responses can be dropped off or mailed to:

Ruth Ever
Youth and Family Education Coordinator
Northwestern District Attorney’s Office
1 Gleason Plaza
Northampton, MA 01060

Or emailed to:

Funding Cycle:

Programs may be funded for the period between September 30, 2009 and September 30, 2010. There is no expectation that funding will be renewed beyond that.

All responses must include the following information:

  • Organization Name
  • Mailing Address, phone, fax, e-mail and web address of the organization
  • Name of contact person
  • Total amount of funding requested
  • How check should be made out if funded

Application Questions: (no more than 4 pages)

Please answer the following questions. Please include the question with your response and answer clearly and briefly.

  1. Briefly describe the program or project idea you have.
  2. Describe any organizational support for this program (for example, help with marketing, childcare, outreach, etc), and indicate if you are an individual consultant or work at the agency applying. Will other organizations be collaborating with you too?
  3. Please describe in detail your plans for recruiting parents to your GGC program. If relevant, please describe the parent audience your program will target.
  4. Do you have an available site for delivering the program? If so, please describe. If no, please indicate your plans for securing a facility. Please note: the facility should be able to accommodate handicapped individuals.
  5. Please indicate whether or not you intend to offer childcare for the attending parents and who will be responsible for providing childcare. Please note: All childcare providers should be CORI checked.
  6. Provide a timeline that specifies target dates for important milestones (i.e. parent recruiting, mailings, advertising, program starting and ending dates, etc).
  7. Please include a budget that includes anticipated expenses, and a brief explanation of each cost.

Example of Budget for Individual Consultant

$ 900 ($30.00 x 30 hours for each 5 week course (10 hours facilitating and 20 hours preparation time))

$ 75 (Printing, postage & supplies, parent incentives for attendance)

$ 200 (Childcare Services $20.00 for 2 students x 10 hours)

$ 375 (Food $75 x 5 sessions)

$ 1,550 Total

Note: you may be able to have an organizer who is paid less than $30/hour to organize the parenting program (~20 hours) and then have a parent group facilitator who runs the program (10 hours).

Incentives can often be donated from local businesses, especially if they can be publicly recognized. Incentives are typically small items given before, during or at the end of the training. Ideas for incentives are below:

  • A Big Y gift card, gas card, Barnes and Noble or other local business gift certificate worth $10-15 (or more if possible)
  • Pair of movie tickets
  • Fun trinkets or handouts, educational items, books etc.

Be creative! Parents are there to learn about their tweens/teens and themselves!

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