What’s So Special About Western Mass?

Brigid Gillette of Washington, D.C. writes:

My family is considering a move North. We currently reside in Maryland, originally from NY. I am fascinated by the progressive movement up there and love it.

We currently own a deli in Chevy Chase, DC which is right next to Chevy Chase, MD. I like what I read on the Hilltown Families website. I would like to get some information on the quality of life; the school system; why so many homeschoolers; are there lacrosse teams my son can join; my daughter is very artistic …

My husband and I would finally like a laid back life though we would still like to own a deli somewhere is the area. Can the area sustain a deli or could we buy an existing one? Do folks in the Hilltowns buy food in deli’s on a consistent basis?

If anyone could give me some great info, help, guidance I would greatly appreciate it.  brigid68@verizon.net

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  1. Life in Western Mass is wonderful for families of all life & school choices. I homeschool one of our children and the other goes to the public high school. Me and my partner found a great network of homeschooling families in the area when we considered our youngest education. So we explored the option and just love it. Resources like Hilltown Families make it easier for us to do both option. It’s great how it supports all school choices.

    Our oldest is doing well in high school and is involved in sports. There are many colleges in Western Mass, so hopefully he’ll get in to a local school when the time comes and be close to home.

    Good luck with your move Brigid.

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