Leaf Peepin’ & Apple Pickin’ Episode on the HFVS (10/03/09)

10/03/09 PLAYLIST

Saturday from 9-10am
WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA

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  • The Beatles Drive – “My Car/The Word/What You’re Doing” [Love ]
  • They Might Be Giants – “Electric Car” [Here Comes Science] Music
  • Meredith Brooks – “Drive the Car” [If I Could Be…]
  • Vintage Sesame Street – “Lost Boy Remembers His Way Home” – Featured Video
  • Laurie Berkner – “Drive My Car” [Under a Shady Tree ]
  • Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck – “Leaves are Falling” [Special Kind of Day]
  • Marais & Miranda – “Why Do Leaves Change Their Color?” [Nature Songs]
  • A Curious Glimpse of Michigan – “An Autumn Day” [A Curious Glimpse of Michigan]
  • Uncle Rock Play – “Outside Today” [Uncle Rock U]
  • Justin Roberts – “Apple Tree” [Great Big Sun]
  • Ellis Paul – “Star Inside the Apple” [The Dragonfly Races]
  • Tom Freund – “Apple from the Tree” [Hug Trees]
  • Vintage PSA: Eat Fruit!
  • Kira Willey – “Making Pie” [Dance for the Sun]
  • The Neilds – “Harvest Table” [Rock All Night]
  • Jim Armenti – “The Great Pumpkin Roll” [The Great Pumpkin Roll]
  • Station Id: The Harmonica Pocket [www.harmonicapocket.com]
  • Steve Songs – “Seasons for Us All” [Morning Till Night]
  • The Sippy Cups – “Snail Song” [Electric Storyland]
  • Laura Doherty – “Hot Dog” [Kids in The City] Music
  • Terri Hendrix – “Car Car” [Celebrate the Difference]
  • Station Id: Steve Weeks [www.steveweeksmusic.com]
  • “Oaikoi (Harvest Ceremony)” [The Long Road To Freedom: An Anthology of Black Music]

3 Comments on “Leaf Peepin’ & Apple Pickin’ Episode on the HFVS (10/03/09)

  1. Find out more about the Westhampton Library Project here.

    Click here for Jim Armenti’s album, The Great Pumpkin Roll.

    Click here to see the video.

    The Westhampton Fall Festival will happen on Sunday, Oct. 18th, 2009 at 12:30pm in the center of town. (Free) Pumpkin roll happens at 4pm.

  2. The No Nap Happy Hour series will be on Sunday afternoons at 2:00 (1:30 doors) at the Iron Horse (downtown Northampton).

    * October 18 – Uncle Rock and the Playthings.
    Uncle Rock played the Meltdown and has done a number of solo shows here over the last couple of years, but this is the first local appearance by his great trio, the Playthings. Check out Uncle Rock at http://www.unclerock.com — it’ll be a great time.

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