Post 1,001: A Poll

Post 1,001: A Poll



As we move forward we want to hear from our readers (1) what you would like to read more of on Hilltown Families, (2) how you subscribe to Hilltown Families, (3) how long you’ve been a reader and (4) where in the world are you?  Please take a short minute to give us your feedback so we can better serve our community of families.

If you have more to share, please post in our comment box below.  Thank you for your time!

6 Comments on “Post 1,001: A Poll

  1. My kids are grown, but it is very fun to relive their teenage days from distance and be able to laugh. I come especially for your guest writer’s hilarious stories about her teenage boys.

  2. What an incredible resource you provide, Sienna! It’s always fun to get my listserv emails. Your website is beautiful and such an important asset for anyone in the Hilltowns and beyond. Thank you!

  3. Sienna, you do such a great job with Hilltown Families! Thanks for all the time, energy and creativity that you put into it…

  4. I love your website! I used to live in NoHo and miss it a lot now living in central PA. We are a homeschooling family and very much appreciate the info we find on your website. I’d love to create something similar here with our local events listed and with a link to your website. We have a local musician here, named Billy Kelly, who has just created a really fun animated video for a song he wrote called “People Really Like Milk” the link is ( or you can google it. He has also created a great show kids on line called the “Billy Kelly Show”… check it out. I think it fits with your website. Thanks for a great site.

  5. Sienna, Thank you for your WONDERFUL website ! We couldn’t do without your informative, insightful and creative news !

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