New Day Baby! Earth Aware Parenting Group Meets This Friday

Angie Gregory of Northampton, MA shares:

Every Friday from 9:30-11am in Northampton, MA, Cradle welcomes to the studio a community-based FREE mom/parent and baby group. Currently, they have 4 groups who will be using their space for their monthly meetings:

  1. La Leche League of Northampton with Lex Fletcher
  2. The Carried Child with Meg Eisenhauer Barry
  3. Attachment Parenting with Gillian Daley
  4. New Day Baby! with Angie Gregory

New Day Baby! is a new local group focused on earth-aware parenting.

Looking to connect with moms and dads who share your parenting passions, you just might find them at one of these groups! Located on the 3rd Floor, Thorne’s Marketplace, Northampton MA.


New Day Baby: Earth Aware Parenting will meet this Friday from 9:30-11 at the new Cradle space in Thornes in Northampton, MA as part of the Free Friday’s Parenting Groups.

What’s it like to raise a baby these days? What are our choices, what is our progress, what are the innovations, or renewed trends, related to family life that we have to draw from? This group will talk about ways to comfortably integrate with the times as well as give us more time. We’ll talk about ways to re-use, recycle, and renew children’s items. We’ll share easy and creative ways to create simple, functional things ourselves. There will be discussion on how to protect and work to prevent harm by aligning to avenues of political movement. Other topics will include informative sessions on the ease of cloth diapering, herbal nourishment and natural wellness, and nutrition for kids and families. This progressive discussion and information sharing encourages all who are interested, curious, or knowledgeable to join in!

This month we’ll meet to discuss relevant topics of summer. We’ll talk about they joys of biking with your children, sharing and inquiring about various bike attachments for kids, ways of the road, free local bike help, how to get your child to wear that helmet, and great places to bike to. We’ll also talk about the importance of hydration and the scoop on bottled water, tap water, canteens, big business vs the public’s right to water, and the wealth of knowledge and research from the new film Tapped. Come join in to learn, share what you know, and spend time with other great families of our area.

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