Hilltown Mothers, Daughters & Grandmothers Wanted for Ashfield Filmfest

Ashfield Lake (c) Hilltown Families - www.hilltownfamilies.org

The dock at Ashfield Lake. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Nancy Hoff, co-owner of Ashfield Hardware in Ashfield, MA writes:

Mama Mia Reunion and Reenactment in Ashfield!  I would like to submit a five minute film for the Ashfield Filmfest and need a cast of thousands of women and children!

The five minutes will be our own rendition of the “Dancing Queen” scene of Mama Mia where Meryl Streep and girl friends dance through the streets as village women cast their work aside, leave their men, go to the dock and jump in.  We have a Main Street, work, a lake, even a dock.  Be prepared to jump, but not a requirement.

Meet at the Congregational Church on Sunday, August 9th at 3pm on Main Street in Ashfield, MA.  If you can’t be there at 3pm, pop into a scene at 4pm or come to the dock and jump at 5:30pm:

  • 3pm – Organize at church
  • 4-5pm – Shoot a various locations around town
  • 5:30pm – At the town dock to jump

Here are locations we will be shooting at from 4-5:30pm and activities they will be performing:

  • Congregational Church: Women rehearsing choir, dropping hymnals.  Kate (the minister) tears off her collar.  All go out of church to head towards the dock.
  • Elmer’s Store: Women shopping, working on lap tops in cafe, cafe-ole-ing.  They drop what they are doing to join in.
  • Belding Memorial Library: Librarian sweeping steeps, lawn care and gardening.  Leave tools to run and join group.
  • Country Pie Pizza: Women carrying high stacks of pizza boxes.  Boxes tumble down and women rush to the street to join.
  • Ashfield Hardware Store: Sitting on Furniture, loading cars with merchandise, when they stop and join the crowd passing by.
  • Post Office: Having a water cooler moment at the blue mail box as the parade of women head towards to dock.
  • Neighbors Store: Pumping gas, reading the newspaper out front, girls on scooters when every stops and joins.
  • Ashfield Laundry:  Laundry is abandoned
  • Town Hall Steps: Papers fly …

Bring props and ham it up.  Looking for fun?  Tell your friends and come!

If you have questions, call Ashfield Hardware at 628-3299

Click here to see the winning video from Ashfield Filmfest 2008.

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