Take Action: Stop PG-13 Blockbusters from Targeting Preschoolers

Stop PG-13 Blockbusters from Targeting Preschoolers

In response to a complaint filed by CCFC in 2007, the Federal Trade Commission urged the Motion Picture Association of America—the self-regulating body of Hollywood movie studios that administers film ratings in the United States—to develop a policy to “ensure that PG-13 movies are not marketed in a manner inconsistent with their rating.” Sixteen months later, the MPAA has not honored that request, and children’s television stations continue to barrage young viewers with ads for violent PG-13 movies and their related merchandise. The PG-13 rating bears the warning “Parents strongly cautioned: Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.”

Like other PG-13 blockbusters premiering this summer, the upcoming GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, based on the Hasbro action figure, promises viewers no shortage of bombs, bullets, and destruction — and another explosion of marketing that targets children. GI Joe is rated PG-13 for “strong sequences of action violence and mayhem throughout.” Since March, over 3,000 ads have aired on children’s television for violent PG-13 films as well as their licensed toy and fast food promotions.

Read more and take action at Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.

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