Guinea Pig Co-Op

Felice Wolfzahn of Shelburne Falls, MA writes:


We have two lovely female guinea pigs (mother and daughter): Peppermint and Sparkle. As with a lot of pets, the family members are excited and interested for a while, but often the interest fades and they become more of a chore than a fascination. BUT……….. there’s hope other than trying to get rid of these cute, cuddly creatures.

Here’s the idea:

  • We get a few families (maybe 6) together who are interested and willing to care for and enjoy the guinea pigs for maybe two months at a time.
  • Each family is responsible for the care and well being (and one way of the transportation) of the GP’s for their time and then they pass them on to the next family.
  • (We could establish a small contribution from each family in a pot somewhere, in case the G.P.’s need any medical care).

If you’re interested please e-mail me:

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