Blueberry Bake Off with Local Blueberries

Get the Kids a Cookin’ for the Blueberry Bake Off
Hosted by the CISA and Greenfield Farmers’ Market

Gluten-free Blueberry Cake (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Gluten-free Blueberry Cake (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

On Saturday, August 1, CISA and the Greenfield Farmers’ Market will host a contest featuring desserts made from locally grown blueberries. Participants should drop off their blueberry creations at 9am that day. No need to pre-register. A CISA staff member, a local farmer and other judges will determine the winning recipe. A $50 Greenfield Farmers’ Market gift certificate and a CISA Community Membership valued at $60 will be awarded to the winning entry; a $25 market gift certificate and a CISA tote bag will go to the runner up. Look for entry details soon on the CISA website and at the Greenfield Farmers’ Market.

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    Would anyone know her name and how to get in touch with her? We might be interested in using her at a future party.


  2. CISA and Greenfield Farmers’ Market Blueberry Bake-Off

    Please join CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture) and The Greenfield Farmers’ Market on Saturday, August 1 at 10am for a Blueberry Bake-Off. Come and celebrate the Pioneer Valley blueberry season by showing off your secret family recipe, making your favorite treat, or perhaps a recipe you’ve created yourself.

    Participation is easy. Simply bring your baked blueberry creation, along with the recipe, to the Greenfield farmers’ market table by 9am. Your submission will be tasted by our 4 judges: Greenfield’s Mayor Bill Martin, Jay Fadanza from WHAI radio, Phil Korman, CISA’s executive director and Rachel Robertson-Goldberg from Crabapple Farm. The judges will determine the Blue Ribbon Winner, who will receive a $50.00 gift certificate to the Greenfield Farmers’ Market and a CISA community membership (valued at $60.00). The runner-up will receive a $25.00 gift certificate and a CISA tote bag (valued at $10.00). Tasting will begin at 10am and the judges will announce the winners once all entries have been sampled.

    All are welcome to attend, including those outside of the Greenfield community. The event will be held at Greenfield Farmers’ Market, Court Square, Greenfield. No pre-registration is necessary. For more information, please contact Devon or Lauren at 413-665-7100, x22 or

    Founded in 1993, CISA is a nationally recognized community organization comprised of farmers, consumers, and professionals working together to sustain agriculture, strengthen the local economy, preserve the unique rural character of our communities, and enhance the well-being of western Massachusetts. Located in South Deerfield, CISA is the creator of numerous innovative programs, including Senior FarmShare, Farm2City, the Pioneer Valley Women in Agriculture Network, and the Be a Local Hero, Buy Locally Grown® public awareness campaign. Learn more about CISA at or call (413) 665-7100.

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