Does Your Family Use Road Maps in the Car?

Diane Flynn Keith, author of Carschooling writes:

I am working on a new edition of my book, Carschooling and updating some of the resources. It’s been fairly smooth going but I just got to Chapter 7 on Geography and am stumped. Here’s why…

In 2002, when the book was originally published, people used road maps in the car – not Google Maps, Mapquest, and GPS devices.

There are a number of learning activities in the book that rely on the use of a road map to help kids learn to navigate as well as learn some geography.

Here are my questions:

  • Do any of you with children ages 4-17 still use road maps in the car? Would you appreciate ideas that call for using road maps to help kids learn?
  • If not, do you use any of the modern technological wonders to help your kids learn navigation and geography? If so, how?
  • If you share an activity that uses modern technology here, be sure to include your name as you would like credit in the book. Anyone, whose idea is included, will receive a free copy of the next edition of Carschooling.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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  1. We often use the atlas to help the kids name and learn the states. Our 11 and 7 year old like to answer the question, ‘How many states start with the letter A, then B, then C…” Also guessing which bird belongs to each state was fun for everyone. The 11yr old likes to tell us which direction to go in the most. We believe that the fundamentals of learning are slipping by the wayside. How many kids can read an analog clock anymore? or do math in the heads without the aid of a calculator? Navigating and the knowledge of geography are not lost arts in our household and we hope not in others

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