Wind Power Site in the Hilltowns

Downing & Kulik Announce Funding for a Renewable Energy Site Survey at New Hingham Regional Elementary School in Chesterfield, MA

State Senator Benjamin B. Downing (D-Pittsfield) and State Representative Stephen Kulik (D-Worthington) are pleased to announce that the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative’s Renewable Energy Trust (RET) has awarded up to $5,600 in funding for a Municipal Site Survey of a proposed wind site at the New Hingham Regional Elementary School in Chesterfield, MA.

“By exploring and identifying appropriate sites in western Massachusetts for renewable energy generation we ensure clean energy availability and future costs savings for our region,” said Downing. “We also have a responsibility to make sure our site selection is deliberate and that we strategically site wind projects in locations with minimal environmental impacts. This RET grant will help the New Hingham School community take the necessary preliminary steps to do just that.”

The site survey will provide valuable information used for identifying advantages and disadvantages of wind generation on the school’s property and whether the proposed site is of sufficient size and wind resource to warrant a detailed site survey. This preliminary survey will help the New Hingham Regional Elementary School Committee determine whether it is reasonable to conduct a more comprehensive feasibility study for a wind project on the site.

Representative Kulik said, “The high elevation and remote location of the New Hingham School presents a great opportunity to study the feasibility of wind power to provide greater energy independence and cost savings for the people of Chesterfield and Goshen. A successful wind project at the school will also be a great and inspiring educational tool for the children.”

The Renewable Energy Trust is an arm of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative which provides financial assistance to individuals and businesses to support renewable energy projects that maximize environmental and economic benefits to the Commonwealth. To learn more about the organization click HERE.

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