Hilltown Families’ Kids Invited to March in Chesterfield’s 4th of July Parade

Kathy McMahon of Cummington, MA writes:

(Photo Credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Not only is eating fresh veggies & fruit fun, but so is dressing up as your favorite garden delicacy! Join Hilltown Home (united) Garden Exchange (HHuGE) in Chesterfield's 4th of July Parade! (Photo Credit: Sienna Wildfield)

We are going to be in the CHESTERFIELD 4TH OF JULY PARADE!

We invite all the little vegetables and fruits in our Hilltowns to show up to announce (and not to squash!) the opening of HHuGE! (Hilltown Home (united) Garden Exchange! Don’t ‘veg out!’

Don’t find yourself in a pickle, dress like one!

March and wave with us as we parade along handing out baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and cards cheering the soil, our towns and our community spirit!

Perhaps some Hilltown Families’ kids have a few veggie costumes of their own to join us? A fancy zucchini hat someone wants to show off? Edible flower bonnet?

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