Families are Invited to Plant for a Purpose!

Do you grow fruits or veggies at home?
Take the lead… Plant more seed!

Take the Lead, Plant More Seeds (poster)

Click on poster for a larger image to print and post!

The Hilltown Home Garden Exchange (HHuGE) invites you to encourage home gardening by planting extra and sharing your surplus with neighbors throughout the Hilltowns.

Nature is abundant, but not always evenly distributed!

Leave Some! Take Some!

Please consider offering or growing:

  • Homegrown fruits, veggies, herbs & flowers
  • Seedlings, propagated cuttings & seeds
  • Recipes, advice or services related to these activities

Sharing begins July 20, 2009

Sponsored by ‘Eating is not an Option,” a growing coalition of local political leaders, Fraternal organizations and non-profits in the Hilltowns, including the Hilltown Food Pantry, Loaves & Fishes and Hilltown Families.
  • Get involved! Contact Kathy McMahon @ 634-0002

4 Comments on “Families are Invited to Plant for a Purpose!

  1. i just think this is such a great project! though i now live in northampton, I am finding that people are very open to sharing the extra space (and plants) they have in their garden with their neighbors. What a great way to get to know members of your community who are interested in food. who wouldn’t be? we all eat right?!

  2. We are going to be in the PARADE!

    We invite all the little vegetables and fruits in our Hilltowns to show up to announce (and not to squash!) the opening of HHuGE! (Hilltown Home (united) Garden Exchange! Don’t ‘veg out!’

    Don’t find yourself in a pickle, dress like one!

    March and wave with us as we parade along handing out baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and cards cheering the soil, our towns and our community spirit!

    Details to follow!

    Veg`e*ta*ble\, a. [F. v[‘e]g[‘e]table growing, capable of growing, formerly also, as a noun, a vegetable, from L. vegetabilis enlivening, from vegetare to enliven, invigorate, quicken, vegetus enlivened, vigorous, active, vegere to quicken, arouse, to be lively, akin to vigere to be lively, to thrive, vigil watchful, awake, and probably to E. wake, v. See Vigil, Wake, v.]

    1. Of or pertaining to plants; having the nature of, or produced by, plants; as, a vegetable nature; vegetable growths, juices, etc.

    “Blooming ambrosial fruit Of vegetable gold.” –Milton.

    “Had we but world enough, and time /My vegetable love should grow/Vaster than empires…”–Andrew Marvell


  3. Plant a Row for the Hungry

    The Franklin County Huger Task Force is encouraging home gardeners and others to increase their vegetable plot by at least one row for the benefit of hunger relief programs in the area. Plant a Row is a national program started by the Garden Writers Association. For more information on how you can support the program locally, contact Dino Schnelle at 413-773-5029 x 1 or hungeraction@communityaction.us. You can also learn about what is happening in Franklin County at http://plantarowwmass.blogspot.com

    Source: CISA

  4. There will be a veggie cart at The Old Creamery in Cummington, MA in July to supply food to anyone who needs it. Anyone can contribute their extra produce. If you want to help contact Kathy McMahon @ 634-0002.

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