HFVS Sack Lunch Episode (Radio Show/Podcast)

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Hilltown Family Variety Show
WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA
Saturday mornings from 9-10am
May 16th. 2009

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  • Recess Monkey – “Sack Lunch” [Field Trip]Music
  • Charity and the JAMband – “Peanut Butter and JAM” [Peanut Butter and JAM]
  • Mr. David – “Hey! It’s Lunchtime! ” [Jump in the Jumpy House]
  • Randy Kaplan – “Donut Song” [Five Cent Piece]
  • Asylum Street Spankers – “You Only Love Me for My Lunchbox” [Mommy Says No!]
  • Station Id: The Harmonica Pocket [www.harmonicapocket.com]
  • Sandbox – “PB Jam” [Are We There Yet?]
  • Imagination Movers – “My Favorite Snack” [Juice Box Heroes]
  • Twink – “Peanut Butter Crunch” [Ice Cream Truckin’]
  • Jamie Broza – “Snacks” [My Daddy is Scratchy]
  • The Rtts – “Snack Time” [Turn it Up Mommy!]
  • Barenaked Ladies – “Raisins” [Snacktime]
  • Station Id: Steve Weeks [www.steveweeksmusic.com]
  • Lisa Loeb – “The Disappointing Pancake ” [Camp Lisa]
  • Ella Jenkins – “Let’s Not Waste the Food We Eat” [Come Dance By the Ocean]
  • Lunch Money – “Ate Too Much of My Favorite Food” [Dizzy]Music
  • Station Id: Princess Katie & Racer Steve [www.princessracer.com]
  • Cab Calloway & His Orchestra – “Everybody Eats When They Come to My House” [Nicky’s Jazz for Kids]
  • Uncle Rock – “There is Love in My Food” [Uncle Rock U]
  • Barenaked Ladies – “Snacktime” [Snacktime]
  • Mary Kaye – “Tasting Tea [Music Box]Music
  • Caspar Babypants – “Free Like a Bird” [Here I Am!]Music (Featured Video)

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