Local Hilltown Grocery Stores and Farmer Markets are Invited to Participate in SNAP Food Stamps Program

It’s a SNAP to Accept Food Stamps
By the Eating’s Not Optional Committee (ENOC)

Outdoor dining on Main Street at Elmer's

Elmer's Store in Ashfield, MA. One of many small grocery stores located in the hilltowns. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

ENOC wants to promote food security on a number of fronts.  We sponsored an ENOC Conference in April to bring together interested people to learn about SNAP (food stamps program) and we realized something:  Small Grocery stores need to participate or we’re limiting people’s options and forcing them to drive long distances to buy eligible food.  With this in mind, ENOC will sponsor the:

  • Grocery Merchant’s Meeting entitled “It’s a SNAP to Accept Food Stamps” in the second week in June with time and place TBA

I’m not a store owner.  How can I help?

Below is a list of small grocery food stores in the Hilltowns.  Do you shop there?  Do you know if they accept food stamps?  We are asking people to sign on to markets they patronize and provide the owner with a sheet of information about accepting SNAP foodstamps, and an invitation to attend this meeting.  Even farmer’s markets can qualify!  Please look over this list and let me know if you would be willing to speak to the store owner or manager.

Our goal is to promote the SNAP program (food stamps) to broaden access by
signing up more small local grocers.

Chesterfield General Store (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Chesterfield General Store (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Why SNAP Food Stamps?

With the economic downturn, many people face impossible decisions between food and other essentials like housing, utilities and transportation costs.  There is a dramatic increase in new families and individuals who both need and are newly eligible for help with food security.  Food is a right that the Federal Government is invested in and they can offer you your own personal “bail-out.”  You can even buy plants and seeds to grow food for yourself AND your community.  ENOC can help you learn more about enrolling in the SNAP program and you can learn more at http://www.fns.usda.gov/fsp/.  SNAP is designed to help people keep good nutrition even in times of economic stress. See if you or your family are eligible, if you have access to a computer or we can direct you to people who can help.  This is one program we should promote to everyone…even those we don’t think “need it.”

Which Stores are Eligible?

Farm stands and Farmer’s Markets are also eligible, along with ‘brick and mortar’ stores.  An EOC member is investigating how to help them participate!  Don’t assume any store is ineligible.

Where Can You Buy Food with SNAP?

The food stamp program, renamed SNAP, will only work effectively when locals have a place to shop.  We are trying to enlist all local small grocers to learn more about how to enroll in taking SNAP.  It truly is a SNAP!

We are having a meeting for all interested small store owners or managers, but we could use help contacting them and finding out if they might be interested in enrolling.  Are you a regular customer?  Would you stop in, find out if they already take SNAP, drop off a flyer, and find out if they will come to an information session?

Here is the list of stores we’d like to participate: See if we left anyone out, or if you know whether some already take SNAP.  Do they already take SNAP?  Let us know this, too!  We are going to promote their stores!

  • Elmer’s Store
    396 Main
    Ashfield, MA 01330
    (413) 628-4003
  • Neighbors Convenience Store
    244 Main St
    Ashfield, MA 01330
    (413) 628-4467
  • Becket Country Store & Cafe
    609 Main St
    Becket, MA 01223
    (413) 623-5500
  • Buckland Neighbors
    195 State St
    Buckland, MA 01338
    (413) 625-9577
  • A & L Meat & Grocery Co
    27 Main St
    Chester, MA 01011
    (413) 354-6593
  • Chester Village Market
    191 Route 20 [yes, it is officially called Route 20]
    Chester 01011
  • Chesterfield General Store
    432 Main Rd
    Chesterfield, MA 01084
    (413) 296-4734
  • Blandford Country Store & Cafe
    98 Main St. PO Box 813
    Blandford 01008
  • Bakers Country Store
    101 River Rd
    Conway, MA 01341
    (413) 369-4936
  • Lightening Bug
    Route 9
    Cummington, MA
    (telephone number?)
  • The Old Creamery
    445 Berkshire Trail (Route 9)
    Cummington MA 01026
413) 634-5560
  • Dalton General Store Inc
    200 North St
    Dalton, MA 01226
    (413) 684-0170
  • Ciesluk Farmstand
    564 Greenfield Rd
    Deerfield, MA 01342
    (413) 773-8164
    (413) 772-0790
  • Savages Market
    470 Greenfield Rd
    Deerfield, MA 01342
    (413) 774-3452
  • Goshen General Store
    31 Main St
    Goshen, MA 01032
    (413) 268-7268
  • B & D Variety
    22 Worthington Rd
    Huntington, MA
    (413) 667-8831
  • Hinsdale General Store
    509 Main Street
    Hinsdale, MA
  • Moltenbrey’s Market
    44 Worthington Rd
    Huntington, MA 01050
    (413) 667-3426
  • McCusters Market & Deli
    3 State Street
    Shelburne Falls, MA 01370
    (413) 625-9411
  • The Keystone Market
    44 Bridge St
    Shelburne Falls, MA 01370
    (413) 625-8400
  • Garden City Market
    55 N Main St # C
    South Deerfield, MA 01373
    (413) 665-5199
  • Savoy Hollow General Store
    668 Main Rd
    Savoy, MA 01256
    (413) 743-5406
  • Friendly Fred’s Package Store
    1173 Route 9
    Windsor, MA
    (413) 684-3371
  • Corners Grocery
    2 Packard Park
    Worthington, MA 01098
    (413) 238-5531
  • Williamsburg Market (already accepts SNAP)
  • Windsor General Store
    Route 9
    Windsor, MA

If you frequent any of these stores, and want to help, please let ENOC know! 

The next meeting of the Eating Is Not Optional Committee (ENOC) is next 
Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 at 8:30 a.m. in Cummington, MA at the Old Creamery  Join us!


Food producing plants and seeds are eligible to be paid for through the
 SNAP program?

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