Language Classes for Homeschoolers Forming in Northampton, MA

Nancy Foley of West Springfield, MA writes:

I am homeschooling my daughter in West Springfield. I am looking for homeschool parents who might be interested in having their kids take foreign language classes at the International Language Institute in Northampton, MA. I have spoken with the school, and they would be interested in arranging a class if there is enough interest. It is an excellent school, currently offering classes only to adults. I took an intensive, weeklong Spanish class there are a number of years ago. They told me that they have tried to organize classes for teenagers, but there was not enough interest.

If you could pass the word along, and have parents e-mail me ( if this idea interests them, I will continue to work with the International Language Institute to make this happen. I would need to know from parents what language they are interested in, the ages of their children, and whether or not they would be interested in an intensive class (for example, meeting three hours a day for a week) or a class that meets once a week for a longer period of time.

I’m trying out to reach people who live near Northampton. The more people I can find who are interested, the more likely the school is to offer classes.

Thank you for your help.

Nancy Ann Foley

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