Hilltown Residents Invited to Take Charge!

Williamsburg Launches Campaign to Save Energy

Take Charge! (April 25th, 2009)

On April 25th, local hilltown residents pledge to take up to five suggested energy-saving steps in their homes. - Come join area residents and Take Charge! to save money and energy!

On Saturday, April 25 from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon, Meekins Library on Main Street in Williamsburg, MA, will host the launch of Take Charge! Williamsburg.  Take Charge! is a ten-week, community-wide campaign to reduce home energy use.  Residents pledge to take one or all five suggested energy-saving steps in their homes. Cummington, Worthington and Plainfield are also launching Take Charge! campaigns.  The first 10 people to sign up on Saturday in Williamsburg will receive a free compact fluorescent light bulb.

This campaign is for every resident.  There are basic no-cost or low-cost changes we can all make in our homes that can help us take control of our energy use,” said Kim Boas, Chair of Williamsburg’s Energy Committee.  “We’re challenging everyone to take the first steps and discover that saving energy means saving money too.”

Suggested measures targeted in Take Charge! include scheduling a free home energy audit, switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs, turning down thermostats and water heaters, and taking a “Kilowatt Challenge” – clocking fewer kilowatt hours on a household’s electric bill than in May and June of last year.  Residents can also write down any extra step they are taking to save energy.  Local Hilltown businesses are supporting the campaign by donating over a dozen raffle prizes that residents who make pledges can win.  Raffle winners will be drawn on July 4.

“Last summer our awareness was heightened about our energy use when the price of heating oil rose dramatically,” said Tomasin Whitaker, of the Williamsburg Energy Committee and the Center for Ecological Technology (CET).  “We decided to partner with the Hilltown Sustainability Group to launch an energy saving campaign to protect residents from future fuel spikes.  There are many reasons to save energy, including protecting the climate, keeping our air cleaner and saving resources for future generations.  We chose Independence Day as an end-date to emphasize that reducing our energy use is a strong step toward energy independence.”

Williamsburg businesses have donated raffle prizes for Take Charge! Participants include Florence Savings Bank’s Williamsburg Branch, Brewmasters Tavern, Blue House Café, Lashco Tree Service, Williamsburg Pharmacy & Hardware, Joe’s Garage and Cichy’s Garage.

To sign up for Take Charge! pick up a brochure at the display at Meekins Library, or look for the Take Charge! posters in Williamsburg businesses on April 25.  The brochure will soon be available for download on the Hilltown Sustainability website at www.ourworldbydesign.com where you can track towns’ progress and see a full list of raffle prizes from all four towns.

CET is a non-profit energy and resource conservation organization that has served western Massachusetts since 1976.  For more information about CET’s programs visit http://www.cetonline.org.  CET receives funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.  CET is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.

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