Berkshire Fools Festival 2009

Berkshire Fools Festival 2009

The Berkshire Fool’s Festival marks the 33rd anniversary of the Greasepaint Treaty of 1976, signed in Pittsfield, MA, which marked the end of the Clown Wars, the catastrophic conflict between clowns and mimes that began in the 1960s.

The Fools Festival will bring together artists, organizations and businesses in a multi-media, multi-venue, always surprising celebration with more than a dozen exciting events taking place April 1-5, 2009, including theatre, music, art exhibition and engaging activities for all ages.

Celebrating both the richness of the area’s history and the spirit of April Fool’s Day, the Fools Festival will combine elements of traditional arts/music festivals, carnivals, renaissance fairs and local bicentennial holidays, with an emphasis on the fake, absurd and mysterious. The Festival celebrates the anniversary of the end of the Clown Wars, one of several mythical events in local history to be explored through art, music and theatre as part of the Festival’s collaborative programming.

Click HERE for a schedule of events.

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