Call for Participants: EarthWeek 2009 at UMass

Brittni Reilly of Amherst, MA writes:

This year, UMass Amherst is hoping to join together the larger Pioneer Valley Community to celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd, 2009) with festivities, workshops, information sessions, a keynote speaker, and community building. We are hoping to recruit people engaged in progressive, environmentally responsible projects working towards the greater goal of sustainability in the Pioneer Valley. We are having a preliminary meeting this Friday  (March 27th, 2009) at the Campus Center (see letter below for details), and if you are interested in attending that, then you would be most welcome to send a representative of your organization/project. If you have any interest in becoming involved in any way (from tabling, selling wares, donating funds, to hosting a workshop) than we would be most interested in hearing from you.

EarthWeek 2009 letter:

Last year once the snow had melted and we had all been reminded of the beauty of our valley a group of students collaborated with the shared goal of joining together the fractioned student groups working toward a common goal.  Under the collective flag of sustainability and alternative thought, the Eco-Coalition was created and the students brought a new event to Umass, Earth Week.  Unfortunately, the Eco-Coalition was unable to establish a base to continue being an RSO, as a result, GardenShare has decided to step up and take on the responsibility of organizing this event.  This is our call to you our fellow RSO’s, Student Groups, Faculty Members, and Friends to join us again this year to make EarthWeek 2009 as fun, productive, enjoyable and positive as last year.

On Friday March 27th you are cordially invited to send a representative to the planning meeting for Earth Week 2009.  We will be discussing the contributions to be made by each interested group and organizing the event to be held for the 22nd and 23rd of April.  We are holding the meeting in the Campus center in room 174-176 at 4pm Friday.

The objective of Earth Week is to create a network between many groups on campus. We hope Earth Week can be a beacon of alternative thought.  To become a progressive movement as this coalition of eco friendly groups establish a reputable event as a part of UMass. With each successful year, Earth Week will continue to grow, and in doing so become rooted as part of our UMASS identity. Earth Week will be a demonstration of how society can come together overcoming our differences to achieve a common good, a greener earth.  We celebrate on the 22nd not as a random date but one acknowledged by our country as a day to celebrate our common benefactor, the mother earth.  Tentatively planned at this point is a venue of speakers and acoustic performances on stage, workshops on the lawn, informational tables, free food, and a free store. If you feel that your group or self is interested in participating in Earth Week join us on the 27th to discuss planning. Please bring ideas of what you think you can contribute to Earthweek, and what steps are necessary to achieve this goal.

Any questions or insights please contact the organizing coordinators:

  • Alex Whaley
  • TIkaan Galbreath
  • Brittni Reilly
  • Rose Parkington

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