One Comment on “Family Center Fundraiser Offers Local Services & Artisan Wears

  1. So we are just about a week away from the Silent Auction gang!!?

    Here are just a few of our very tantalizing items off our list……
    *Blueberrry picking at Summit Farm*Cordwood*Gift Certificate for Berkshire Organics *Family of hand made felted dolls * Bowls from Sam Taylor * Pie Plate from Christy Knox* Jewlry from Zoe Johnson* Jewlry from Laura J* kids music CD’s and DVD’s donated by Hilltownfamilies* Yummy Yarns*? 2 Bottles of Teatown Cellars wine* One week of day camp at Camp Howe* one week of 1/2 day clinics at Gymfest*…… and much much more!

    There will be food from the creamery, wine and music by David Bartley.

    and dont forget to call me if you want to take advantage of the free childcare.

    it is party not to be missed!


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