Growing the Valley

Growing Strawberries (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield

Growing Strawberries & Bee Balm in the Hilltowns. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield

Winton Pitcoff of Plainfield, MA writes:

Growing the Valley is a new online forum for farmers and gardeners in the Pioneer Valley and Hilltowns to share ideas and resources. It’s a place to go to ask questions, help others find solutions

Divided into categories – livestock, crops, classifieds, events, etc. – users can post questions or ideas, and other members can respond. The sky’s the limit as to what can be discussed. This is now the place to go with questions and ideas like:

  • How do I deal with an egg-bound hen?
  • Does anyone have second-cut hay for sale?
  • I’ve got a manure spreader for sale.
  • What kind of soil is the best for planting eggplants?
  • Which seed catalogs have seeds for purple carrots?
  • Where can I buy raw milk?
  • What kind of fencing is best for goats?
  • Here’s a link to a great article on grazing.

This forum is brand new, and will only be as good as the people who join and use it. Please take a look, post some questions, see if there are questions already there that you’d like to respond to.

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  1. Thank you for your inquiry, Deidre. We inquired with Mr. Pitcoff. His response: “Sorry – “Growing the Valley” was taken down over a year ago, due to lack of use…….”

  2. Hello, I am a CISA employee, and I’m trying to upload a link to Growing the Valley on our website, but the forum seems to be down and the link here is not working.

    Could you provide me with the URL?

    Thank you, Deidre

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