More Mayhem and now a Caravan Swings in Ashfield

Notes from Nan: More Mayhem and now a Caravan Swings …
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

Thanks for all the Pen-love! We got all kinds of pens, even from people who said they had never taken any of our pens, but just felt bad for us and brought us whole boxes of them! Stick pens, clicky pens, Sharpies, Play pens, Bic Pens, Blue Pens, Ballpoint Pens, Fountain pens, Red Pens, Pig pens; we are lousy with pens now, and that makes us so happy! (How can something so little make you so happy? It just does!) You all just gave so generously and that means we can stay on the air one more year, writing things, signing things, drawing things . . . And we didn’t even have to roll the Peter, Paul and Mary video!

Continuing our unbelievable performance at Elmer’s series …

I know you’re not going to believe this but, THEY’RE BACK AGAIN THIS WEEK, for the third and final week!

Rani Arbo
Daisy Mayhem
are (is?)
playing during dinner
at Elmer’s
Thursday, March 5th
6 – 8:30pm

It’s kind of a spontaneous jam with them and some friends of theirs that they want to play with. Thursdays are dinner nights at Elmer’s and they are going to play during dinner from about 6 to 8 pm. Dinner on Thursdays generally costs less than $10, so come on and get some good food and some great music and, beyond dinner they’re just playing for tips!

We got the mayhem under control this last Thursday that they played, and it all went very well!

  • We begin serving dinner at 5pm: Spaghetti and Meatballs or Eggplant Parmesan

on Saturday, March 7th we have
Swing Caravan!
Right here at Elmer’s!

We are not going to allow an Ice Storm of the Century to take this concert out like it did last December when we had Swing Caravan booked.

Saturday night we will serve dinner from 5 – 7:30, then Swing Caravan will begin at 8pm. If you’re not coming for dinner there will be a $5 cover charge.

  • Dinner that night will be: Mexican Chicken Pozole (chicken & hominy soup with tomatoes, onions, peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, celery, cilantro, oregano & garlic,topped with fried tortilla strips, sour cream, scallions)
  • Our VEGETARIAN offering will be the same as above, only without the chicken

Speaking of dinner, here’s the whole three days at once:

Thursday: Spaghetti with meatball or eggplant parmesan

Friday: Argentine-Style Stuffed Flank Steak (beef flank steak rolled with spinach, carrots, proscuitto, basil, parmesan cheese, peppers & bread crumbs) topped with chimichurri sauce (parsley, red onion, garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil) served with polenta parmesan cakes and roasted asparagus

Vegetarian: Roasted vegetables over polenta parmesan cakes with sauce chimichurri

Saturday: Mexican Chicken Pozole (chicken & hominy soup with tomatoes, onions, peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, celery, cilantro, oregano & garlic,topped with fried tortilla strips, sour cream, scallions)

Vegetarian: The same as above, only without the chicken

A whole new reason to come to Elmer’s:

To see our new 100% cotton cloth napkins.  I’m so happy with them!

Elmer’s Store | 396 Main St. | Ashfield, MA 01330 | (413) 62-4003

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