HFVS Giveaway: (Tickets) Golden Dragon Acrobats at the Calvin Theater

Family Performance

The Golden Dragon Acrobats present Cirque D’Or
The Calvin Theater in Northampton, MA
On Sunday, March 1st, 2009 @ 4pm

The Golden Dragon Acrobats present Cirque D’Or at the Calvin Theater in Northampton, MA on March 1st, 2009

We are pleased to offer four free tickets to see the Golden Dragon Acrobats present Cirque D’Or performed live in Northampton, MA at the Calvin Theater on Sunday, March 1st, at 4 pm, courtesy of Iron Horse Entertainment. Deadline to enter is Wednesday, 02/25/09 @ 7pm (EST).  More details below.

The ancient art of Chinese Acrobatics is an old and long running tradition that began in China well over two thousand years ago. Over its long and rich history it has developed as one of the most popular art forms among the Chinese people.

The Golden Dragon Acrobats represent the best of a time honored tradition that began more than twenty-five centuries ago. The Golden Dragons are recognized throughout the United States and abroad as the premiere Chinese acrobatic touring company of today.  The reputation of the company is solidly rooted in a commitment to the highest of production values and an attention to artistic details that is unparalleled in the art form.


View the promo video below to get a sample of their performance, and click here to download a 20-page study guide put together by the University of California for teachers, parents and homeschooling families.


While many historical records provide evidence for the development of Chinese acrobatics as far back as the Xia Dynasty (4000 years ago), it is most commonly held that the art form did not become wildly popular until approximately 2,500 years ago when it began to capture the attention of the country’s powerful emperors.

During the Warring States Period (475 BC – 221 BC) acrobatics in China began to evolve from the working lives of its people. Instruments of labor, such as tridents and wicker rings, and articles of daily use such as tables, chairs, jars, plates and bowls began to be used as performance props. This unorganized form of entertainment and leisure eventually evolved into a form of performance that became recognizable to the Chinese people.

During the Han Dynasty (221 BC – 220 AD) these rudimentary acts of acrobatics developed into the “Hundred Plays”. More contents and varieties were quick to develop. Musical accompaniment was soon added to the performance as interest in the art form grew among the emperors. During the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD) the number of acrobats greatly increased as the skills of each individual performer slowly began to become much more precise and amazing.

Since these early times, acrobatics have evolved into many forms of performances including dance, opera, martial arts, and sports. However, the impact of Chinese acrobatics goes far beyond the boundaries of performance as it has served an important role in the cultural exchange between China and Western nations including the United States. The citizens of China continue to present their acrobatic art for the world today, as it portrays the hard working nature of their people and sets forth an example of the rich traditions of Chinese culture.


Your chance to win tickets to see the Golden Dragon Acrobats present Cirque D’Or is as easy as 1-2-3 (4)!  To win simply

  1. POST A COMMENT BELOW and be sure to tell us your
  2. NAME and where you
  3. LIVE (TOWN/STATE) PLEASE include your town and state to be eligible. We’ll randomly draw a winner(s) from those who leave a comment (along with their name and town/state) and post the results below.
  4. We have up to four free tickets to offer, so be sure to include how many tickets you would like to win.
  5. ACCURATE EMAIL (we never share your email address).
  6. The winner will be contacted with details on how to retrieve tickets via email upon the close of the contest.

IT’S THAT SIMPLE! — Deadline is Wednesday, 02/25/09 @ 7pm (EST).

If you don’t win you should still go!  Tickets are available here.

44 Comments on “HFVS Giveaway: (Tickets) Golden Dragon Acrobats at the Calvin Theater

  1. Congratulations to Laine Romero-Alston of Northampton, MA on winning a set of 4 tickets to see the Golden Dragon Acrobats present Cirque D’Or at the Calvin Theater in Northampton, MA this Sunday, March 1st, 2009 @ 4pm.

  2. This looks fantastic. We are new to town and would love to experience this show as well as the venue. We are a family of 4 and we would love to have the opportunity to go. 4 tickets would be great! We live in Easthampton, MA

  3. Have always wanted to see this show, but something always came up, where I had to miss out. Would love to win & attend.Could use 4 tickets.

  4. my daughter fully believes she is ready to be a world-class acrobat. we would LOVE this show! 4 would be just the perfect amount of tix for us Greenfielders:)

  5. Williamsburg MA.
    What a great way to spend a Sun afternoon with the family! Would love to win 4 tickets! Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. watching this video is awesome! Seeing it live with a friend would be even more
    awesome! I live in Northampton, MA and would use 2 tickets.

  7. Hi, I heard about the giveaway on the radio. I live in Amherst Mass. I would love to be able to take my three grandchildren to see the Chinese acrobats. I love the hilltowns, I used to vacation at Ashfield lake as a child. Those few weeks a year with relatives are my most fondest memories in my whole life. I believe there is a special energy in the hilltowns. It drew me to western mass, although I have never been able to actually move that far out yet. I still hope to someday. It is so different now. Ashfield has changed a lot. So, thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest. I am interested especially in Chinese culture. I just began attending acupuncture school.

  8. What fun! This is a great web site, too. -Jennifer West
    Shelburne Falls, MA

  9. What a wonderful experience to share with our 2 children!! We would absolutely love to go. (we would need 4 tickets for our family.)Westfield, MA.

  10. good luck everyone ,we’d love to go and would take 4 tickets.
    shelburne, ma

  11. We LOVE the circus in Goshen, MA and would use 2 adult tix and a 2yr old.

  12. Our almost five year old says he wants to “go in the circles”! We’re a family of four.

    Great to hear of this Hilltown Families site for the first time because of this.

    Greenfield, MA

  13. Not only would we love to take the kids to this amazing show . . . but i really want to go too! What fun!

  14. Great idea — thanks for offering these tickets. We’re in Chesterfield, MA.

  15. I’d love to take Zoe to this show…..I’d also take you and persephone!!

  16. We are in Greenfield, MA. We would love to win tix! =)

  17. Hi Sienna! Three tickets for our family in Ashfield, MA would be fantastic.

  18. Wow! What a great show! Kai & I would love the opportunity to see this! Thanks Sienna…

    Williamsburg, MA

  19. Hi, just gave birth to our first baby boy! We would love a date night! :) 4 tickets would be wonderful!! The Chase Family, Hatfield, MA.

  20. Would love 4 tickets to fall from the sky for my kids! Thanks for organizing!
    Laine Romero-Alston
    Northampton, MA

  21. We’d love 4 tickets to this fantastic show. We are in Easthampton MA. This is the best site to find out “what’s happening!” Thank you

  22. 4 in the family and we would all love to see this show!

  23. Hi, we live in W.Chesterfield, MA & we love the Hilltown Families website!
    We also would love 3 tickets (maybe 4) to this event…
    Thanx, Marla

  24. hi- would love two tickets for myself and daughter. Thanks!

  25. You have a great Web site and I check it often for things to do in the area with my family. We would love to win four tickets to this show. Thanks!

    Holyoke, MA

  26. I would love to take my 2 kids and wife to this show. I live in Florence, MA.

    Thanks for this wonderful site.

  27. Conway, MA

    Looks like a great time. We would love to win 3 tickets to take our 4 year old daughter to the show.

  28. What a neat looking show…we love this kind of thing. We would love to enter the lottery for 4 tickets. Thanks!

    Ruth in Northampton, MA

  29. What a wonderful show — and HTF web site!
    Buckland, MA

  30. I just want to thank you for this amazing resource. Every week I rely on you for what’s going on in the valley and for special things to do with my kids. I feel a part of something very special with Hilltown Families.
    Geraldine, mom of Sarah, 4 and Sam, 3 – We live in Conway
    4 tickets would be great, but 2 would work as well

  31. We are 4, in Plainfield MA. I’m glad to hear of this show–Hope to go in any case!

  32. Love your website, your ideas, your philosophy! If only I had time to do all the things you write about.

    Thanks for your brilliance and inspiration,


    Montague, MA

  33. The Broussard Family of Four of Greenfield, MA would love those tickets. Thanks! :-)

  34. Looks like a great show. Our family would feel very fortunate to win 4 tickets. Thank you.

  35. What a great give-away. We would use 4 tickets. We’re in Worthington, MA.

    Thank you.

  36. yes, please, Sienna! Thanks for putting this together:
    4 tickets. I live in Chesterfield (downtown).

  37. My daughter is an avid hulahooper and dancer and we would be so appreciative of tickets. We would love 4 tiks if possible. If not 2 would work as well.

    Shelburne Falls, MA

  38. northampton, ma. would use 3 or 4 tickets.


  39. My family of 4 in Petersham, Mass, would love to go. Amazing stuff without the abuse of animals!

  40. Would love to have the opportunity to win 4 tickets for my children! Thanks for the chance.

    Florence, MA

  41. Easthampton, MA. Would love to win 4 tickets to see the show!

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