Quilting Classes for Kids Forming

Felice Wolfzahn of Shelburne Falls, MA writes:

My daughter has been wanting to learn quilting.  I just talked to Becky Stratton from A Notion to Quilt and she’s willing to run a six week class if I can get enough kids together. A Notion to Quilt is on Rt. 2 on the left just before the first exit into Shelburne Falls, MA.

It would be either:

  • Tuesdays or Thursdays
  • 4-5:30pm
  • for 6 weeks (starting soon)
  • Possibly $50 for the whole series
  • Ages 8-11

She said they would learn the basics of using the sewing machine and make a variety of quilted projects. (She’s also a first grade teacher)! Please e -mail me if you re interested.  Let me know which day works best! She only wants 4-8 kids so I imagine it will fill fast.  Thanks!

Felice Wolfzahn

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