What will you do on January 19th?

Brandon Deroche of Causecast writes:

In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the inauguration of President Elect Obama, Causecast has produced a video to push and inspire people to get involved and serve in their community on January 19th. Service is so important to our communities and our country, both locally and nationally, and we want to help make the connection between King’s dream in ’63 and our yearning for change. Its getting major pull but we need your help!

We have highlighted over 15 service organizations and websites that provide all the necessary information on volunteering for anyone, anywhere – to increase volunteerism on the 19th and beyond. Service is incredibly important and people need to understand that everyone has the power to make a difference. Just a few hours can have a significant impact.

In producing the video and after speaking with USASERVICE.ORG and the Obama transition team, we wanted to be sure to connect with your website on this effort. It will take all groups, organizations, efforts, websites and causes to truly make this MLK Day Dream a Reality. We recognize that you are doing incredible work and help people stay connected,

Lets make January 19th 2009 a day on, not a day off. Together we will answer Obama’s call to service and volunteer on Martin Luther King Day. On behalf of all of the service partners involved – thank you for doing your part.

Thank you for your help!  Click here to take action.

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