Emergency Shelter in Williamsburg

Yesterday the Town of Chesterfield sent out the following message that might apply for tonight too. Call 296-4247 to confirm, and please pass along this info/number to your hilltown neighbors without electricity so they too may know about this resource:

Message sent – 12/12/2008
Sheltering 12-12-08

This is the Emergency Management Director. We currently expect power to be out for several days. With temperatures dropping, an emergency Shelter has been set up at the Dunphy School in Williamsburg. If you need a ride to the shelter please call me at 296-4247. Additionally, the transfer station will be closed tomorrow and the children’s Christmas Party has been postponed to December 20. New information will be passed on as it becomes available.

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    Message sent – 12/13/2008
    Ice Storm Update 12/13/08

    This is Roger Fuller of the Chesterfield Select Board. Power crews are working as quickly as possible to restore power however we expect power still to be out for much of the town tonight. An emergency shelter has been set up at the Dunphy School in Williamsburg. If you need a ride please call the Emergency Manger, Larry Holmberg at 296-4247. We are concerned about water pipes freezing and breaking. If you do not have adequate heat, please either drain your system or shut off the main water valve from well.

    We will pass on new information as it becomes available.

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