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Daniel Finn of Pioneer Valley Local First in Hatfield, MA writes:

Our support of local businesses is not about protectionism; we can -and should- help take care of the rest of the world. This is why we worked with Northampton Fair Trade to make Northampton, MA the 6TH Fair Trade Town in the United States (please see However, if we are going to not just survive, but thrive during these economically and environmentally un-stable times it is going to be the people, businesses and organizations here in the Pioneer Valley that will mostly make it happen. We have to find the ways to take care of each other and by doing so we will all be better off.

During the past four years we organized the Think Local First Contest to encourage people to shop with local, independent businesses here in Western Massachusetts, and while we aren’t organizing this contest this year we still wish and hope that all of you are thinking local first. Even without the great prizes we gave away in previous years, the benefits of supporting local businesses to our community and local economy are still huge!! Coming this Spring we will be putting out a Pioneer Valley Wide Directory of Local, Independent Businesses. In addition, to helping people find what businesses here in Western Massachusetts are locally owned and not just in our locale, there will also be a lot of information about the benefits to our community from shopping locally, information about sustainability, renewable energy, local food and Fair Trade products as well.

There are also a couple of events I want to help pass along: 

  1. The first is this Thursday (12/11/08) at 6pm at Food For Thought Books, it is entitled: Sprawl and Local Economies Teach-in. Come participate in a community discussion about economic and environmental sustainability, and what makes the Pioneer Valley so special, please see here.
  2. The second event is being put on by The Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce, it is entitled: How Wall Street Impacts North Pleasant Street: What the world financial crisis means for our local economy and what you can do about it. This event will take place December 18TH from noon to 1:30, for more details, please see here.

I hope to see you all at these up-coming events.

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