HFVS Giveaway: Jewish Holiday Music and Cookbook

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Jewish Holiday Music & Cookbook

This week's media giveaway: Jewish Holiday Music & Cookbook

Upcoming Events

We are very fortunate here in Western Mass to have a variety of holiday traditions that are celebrated with and in our community.  For instance,  The PJ Library is sponsoring several free events, welcoming the community to celebrate and discover Hanukkah.
  • On Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 from 4-5pm, children 4-8 years old can “Shake, Rattle & Read: Moving to the Rhythm of Hanukkah” at Spirit of the Heart in Northampton, MA.  This is a free program that will be lead by Hilltown Families mother, Nancy Rothenberg.  RSVP 413-585-1661
  • There will be an  open to all Family Chanukah Celebration on Sunday, December 21st from 3:30-5:30pm at Beit Ahavah in Florence, MA with a music program for all ages with Felicia Sloin, followed by latke factory, dreidl contests and other fun and games. It is a vegetarian, nut-free potluck. BYOM – bring your own menorah!
  • The Forbes Library in Northampton, MA will be offering free Hanukkah stories, treats and crafts in the children’s department for children of all ages.  On Monday, December 22nd, 2008 from 3:30-4pm,  they will be reading The Runaway Latkes, and on Friday, December 26th from 10:30-11am, they will be reading Where is Baby’s Dreidel? More info call 413-587-1010

What is the PJ Library?

The PJ Library™ program (www.pjlibrary.org) sends Jewish-content books and music, free-of-charge on a monthly basis to children from age six months to ages five, six or seven years depending on the community. It was created by The Harold Grinspoon Foundation (www.hgf.org), which is the majority funder. The PJ Library is co-funded in partnership with local philanthropists in the over 120 American regions in which it operates. Contact The PJ Library for programming details judi@hgf.org or call 413-439-1993.

THIS WEEK’S GIVEAWAY: Jewish Music & Cook Book

Children’s Jewish Holiday Kitchen – I have an extra copy of Joan Nathan’s The Children’s Jewish Holiday Kitchen that I wanted to offer.  This is a great recipe book for any family to have,  including not only recipes but also activities and lessons. It is a great resource for families who wish to explore Jewish culture, folklore and history through cooking.

Nathan’s book The back cover reads, “Seventy child-friendly recipes and cooking activities from around the world will draw the entire family into the spirit and fun of preparing Jewish holiday celebrations.  Covering the ten majoyr holidays, each of the activities has a different focus – such as Eastern Europe, biblical Israel, contemporary America – and together they present a vast array of foods, flavors, and ideas.  The recipes are old and new, traditional and novel – everything from jamantashen to pretzel bagels, chicken soup with matzah balls to matzah pizza, fruit kugel to Persian pomegranate punch.”

ShirLaLa Chanukah! Shira Kline sent us a promotional CD that we wanted to feature, ShirLaLa Chanukah!, one of three in her ShirLaLa Holiday Series. We loved it!

She calls her music “Outrageously Hip Jewish Kiddie Rock.” On ShirLaLa Chanukah! you can join Shira for a lively storytelling of Judah Maccabee and the Chanukah miracle, followed by spirited and dynamic holiday music in many styles:  Traditional, Middle Eastern, Latino, Yiddish, Jazzy Lounge, Rock-n-roll, and Hip Hop!  You’ll find this CD interactive and engaging.  The songs are fun with catchy lyrics.  It’s a great addition to holiday season music collection. www.ShirLaLa.com

Get Wild & Crazy This Chanukah – Doni Zasloff Thomas is Mama Doni,  a talented and hip mother of two young children who has been immersed in Jewish life and music her whole life.  In celebration of Chanukah, Mama Doni has released a debut CD, I Love Herring (& other Fish Shticks for Kids).  Like Shira’s CD, this too includes many styles of songs, including reggae, folk, country, klezmer and bluegrass (she calls it ‘Jewgrass’).  She has a new EP, “I Love Chanukah,” available as a free download this month at www.mamadoni.com.

A Collection of Three – Also included in this week’s music give away is Rabbi Joe Black’s Everybody’s Got a Little Music, Judy & David’s Rock n’ Roll Matzah Ball, and the Schneiderman Sisters and Friend’s Oy Baby.


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