Loss of a Family Pet

Loss of a Family Pet

Recently a friend of mine e-mailed to say that their beloved dog had passed away.  She mentioned how difficult it was to figure out how to communicate this to her two children.  We agreed that posting a few resources for families to have regarding pet loss could be of benefit to other families that might experience the loss of a family pet too.  Below are four links to articles and resources.  Please share any resources you feel might be useful to families in our comment box.

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  1. Thank you for writing this blog. It’s really important to get this information out to families. Gadget, my service dog, died Nov 19, 2009. He was everything to me. I have found even fewer resources for service animal loss support than for pet loss. Often, in addition to not understanding the impact on the heart of the death of a service dog, it may be difficult to understand the impact on daily function. As more kids get assistance animals or come into contact with assistance dogs, I think this will be a greater issue. Gadget was beloved by his dog walker, who started walking him when he was nine. He is now a teenager, a senior in high school, but Gadget’s death, and the death of my previous service dog, when he was younger, were still hard for him. I think, partly, it’s hard for teens, especially boys, to feel comfortable about being “cool,” to be so attached to a dog.
    At any rate, I have started a blog on word press called aftergadget. Many comments have been left by those grieving pets, as well as service dogs. It’s a place where all sincere emotion is welcome, for anyone dealing with a loss (of any species) or also for finding ways to move past loss, or for people who want to learn more about the canine/human working partnership.
    It’s at http://aftergadget.wordpress.com. There’s one post up now, and a second should be up within 24 hours. I’m hoping to post new content every week or two. It is helping me cope with my own grief, and it also helps me to think it might be of comfort to others in a similar situation.
    While I do not have blogs prepared on the relevance to children, it’s something I’d like to address at some point.

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