Tainted Halloween Candy

(Thank you for HF listserv member Des of Dalton for bringing this to our attention!)

Melamine-Tainted Chinese Candy Shows Up in U.S.
Suspect White Rabbit Creamy Candy found in at least two states
By Lisa Wade McCormick, ConsumerAffairs.com

[October 2, 2008] – Candy lovers beware. Melamine-tainted candy — imported from China — is now showing up on store shelves in the United States.

Officials in California and Connecticut confirm they have found White Rabbit Creamy Candy contaminated with melamine in their states.The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection said the tainted candy was primarily found in Asian markets. But officials warn the contaminated candy could be on store shelves nationwide.

Melamine is the chemical at the heart of the Chinese-milk scandal, which is blamed for the deaths of four babies and the illnesses of more than 53,000 other children in that country.

CLICK HERE TO READ MORE & SEE IMAGES: Melamine-Tainted Chinese Candy Shows Up in U.S.

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