Share your families favorite Halloween tradition

Halloween Traditions

Most families have favorite Halloween traditions that they participate in with their kids (or as a kid).  Traditions may include trick-or-treating, having a picnic in the graveyard, marching down Main Street as a participant in your neighborhood rag shag parade, toilet papering your neighbors 100 year old maple tree (hopefully you stopped doing that by now!).

What are favorite Halloween traditions you’ve either participated in AS a kid or WITH your kids? Share with us HERE.  Here are a couple of shared tradition posted on the Hilltown Families facebook page:

Anyone living in our small town will tell you ours is the “SCREAM FOR A TREAT” house. For the past 12 years I’ve set up a mic on mic stand, hooked up to an amplifier on heavy reverb (echo) on the front stoop. There’s a sign on the door: SCREAM FOR A TREAT. The sound echos loudly throughout the neighborhood. Those three year olds can sure belt it out. Our neighbors just LOVE us! – Yosi Levin (Jersey Shore, NJ)

Every Halloween our daughter takes her candy loot from trick-or-treating and puts it on a big rock in our yard. The “Halloween Spirits” come over night and transform her candy into little toys. Saves on the dental bill! – Sienna Wildfield (W. Chesterfield, MA)

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