HFVS Weekly Giveaway: Tickets to Saltimbanco

Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco (tickets)

Chinese Pole dance at Saltimbanco

Chinese Poles performance at Saltimbanco

We’re very excited to be able to offer a family 4-pack to see Saltimbanco, the very first “classic” Cirque du Soleil touring show to be presented in Amherst at the Mullins Center from September 3 to 7 inclusively. – Tickets range from $40 to $95 for adult and $32 to $76 for children (12 years old & under). Here’s your chance to win 4 free tickets to see this amazing show on the premiere night, September 3rd at 7:30pm.


Saltimbanco—from the Italian “saltare in banco,” which literally means “to jump on a bench”—explores the urban experience in all its myriad forms: the people who live there, their idiosyncrasies and likenesses, families and groups, the hustle and bustle of the street and the towering heights of skyscrapers. Between whirlwind and lull, prowess and poetry, Saltimbanco takes spectators on an allegorical and acrobatic journey into the heart of the city.

Saltimbanco belongs to the emblematic style of Cirque du Soleil – a signature Cirque du Soleil show with a style that borrows from theatre, dance and music and where spectacular costumes, lighting and make-up take pride of place. The current cast of 49 artists, 15 of whom were part of the show’s original big top tour, hails from Canada and 20 other countries.

Saltimbanco is a characteristic Cirque du Soleil show inspired by the urban fabric of the metropolis and its colorful inhabitants. Decidedly baroque in its visual vocabulary, the show’s eclectic cast of characters draws spectators into a fanciful, dreamlike world, an imaginary city where diversity is a cause for hope.

Full of colour, amusement and amazement, Saltimbanco is a fun show for the whole family to enjoy, a great outing for everyone!


Your chance to win a free family 4-pack to Saltimbanco is as easy as 1-2-3 (4)! Tickets are for Wednesday, September 3rd at 7:30pm at the Mullins Center in Amherst. To win simply

  1. POST A COMMENT BELOW and be sure to tell us your
  2. NAME and where you
  3. LIVE (TOWN/STATE) PLEASE include your town and state to be eligible. We’ll randomly draw a winner from those who leave a comment (along with their name and town/state) and contact the winner via email, so be sure to leave an
  4. ACCURATE EMAIL (we never share your email address).

IT’S THAT SIMPLE! — Winner must provide identification when picking up tickets at the Will Call booth the night of the show. Please only enter if you know for certain that your family will be able to attend the performance. Deadline is Sunday, 08/31/08 @ 7pm (EST).

22 Comments on “HFVS Weekly Giveaway: Tickets to Saltimbanco

  1. My family is from Montague Center. I’m a single parent raising 2 children which they are a blessing to me in many ways. My birthday is in september and winning these exceptional tickets would be great for a birthday gift. My children are asking me what do I want. The Cirque du Soleil SALTIMBANCO . We would like to see these great performers. Thank you

  2. We’re from Holyoke. My 4 year old saw the picture of the Chinese Poles in your posting and said “I really want to go to that!” We all do!

  3. I forgot – we live in Ashfield.

  4. Oooooooh! Oooooooooh! Pick me ! Pick me! I have always wanted to see the Cirque Du Soleil. :)

  5. We live in Chesterfield, MA & we’d love to see Cirque Du Soleil. Thanks for such a great contest prize.

  6. Oh, oh, pick us, pick us! We live in Amherst, MA and would be first timers to see Cirque du Soleil.

  7. We live in Pelham and would be thrilled to see Cirque du Soleil!

  8. My family here in Easthampton, MA would love to see the show! It would be our first time seeing Cirque du Soleil. Maybe it’ll inspire us to run away with the circus!

  9. Many years ago I saw very early manifestation of Cique du Soleil but I still get a rush remembering what I saw, including the incredible emotion one performer showed in her face. Wouldn’t I love to take my 3 kids…And lucky you for acquiring tickets!

  10. We’ve been to the Cirque twice before, and would love to go again. Let’s show the love for Cummington, MA.

  11. of course we want to go! Chesterfield (MA) in da house.

  12. We live in Shelburne Falls and agonized all summer long on whether or not to foot the bill for the whole family to go, but decided it was too far out of our league.
    We’re big circus fans~~ hope we can go!

  13. Oh Boy.. I would love to go to Cirque! I was debated buying tixs for my husbands birthday, Sept 3, but the price for our family to go was too steep! I will keep my fingers crossed and good luck to all that enter.

    Easthampton, MA

  14. We would so love to see this show!

    Northampton, MA

  15. roger dodger from williamsburg, ma. we’d love to win these tix and we love the hilltown families website! keep up the great work!

  16. We live in Greenfield and really, really want to see the show! :-)

  17. hello we live in leeds,ma. thank you for all of what you are. i have never posted anything before so thank you also for having something so tempting that i finally gave it a try.

  18. We’re in Hatfield, MA and have never seen Cirque du Soleil!

  19. Hatfield, MA

    Cirque du Soleil is amazing, it would be great to see the show with my kids! (for free is even better!)

  20. We’re in Worthington, MA, and we want to go to Saltimbanco!

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