Omar the Pieman

Notes from Nan: Good Advise is Good to Get!
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

Pecan Pies! Pecan Pies for sale!

In New Orleans there used to be a man named Omar the Pieman who would walk up and down the street selling his pies shouting, Pieman! Pieman! Delicious fresh baked pies!”. He became quite famous and later had his own pie shops, beginning with the one in his home. Omar died in 2002, but his son Omar Jr carried on the tradition. I can’t think of pies without thinking of Omar. And right now I’m thinking of pies.

We have a number of whole pecan pies for sale. We didn’t know how many we would need for the Blues Festival, so Jim made a bunch of them and froze them. So we now have them frozen and good (really good! Even better when thawed!) and so we have them for sale. You can get them at our counter while supplies last.

Friday Night Menu (08/15/08):

And Jim’s cooking again this Friday for dinner. He’s making:

  • Poisson a la Dieppoise – Poached fish (he’s using several kinds of fish, including trout, salmon and halibut) with a cream sauce Normandie
  • With a field Greens salad

Doesn’t that sound good?

And for the vegetarians, it will be a

  • Greek Zucchini Casserole with Bulghar
  • With a field greens salad.

Sound Advice:

You know, I was thinking:

We have all of these kids going off to school and starting their lives right now and I was thinking about good advice to give them that would actually be useful. And then I started thinking about what a treasure chest of sound advice that could come from the wisdom of this group! You-group—all of you wise ones out there! What is the best advice you ever heard that kept you going when all else seemed to be failing you?

Send it back to me and I’ll put it up on our website. If you’d like me to use your name with your advice I will and if you’d prefer I left it anonymous, I’ll do that too. But send your good advice and we’ll make a whole section for it on the website. It just might come in very useful one day!

So let’s see what good advice old Rob has for us today:

Rob’s Grocery Talk with Rob

And Now… With Your Action Force News Seven News Action Team Seven Force News Team!

Okay, I admit it. I LOVE Channel Seven News out of Boston. Now I know most of you prefer to get your early information carefully crafted by NPR’s Morning Edition, and that’s fine. But when my coffee’s brewin’, it’s Seven Time!

I just have to admire a news program that’s so unapologetically slick, so over-the-top with their graphics, so in your face- now! Fast zooms! Quick cuts! Laser beams! And a story you’ll see on just one station! And what we found… may surprise you!

Let’s start with roving reporter Steve Cooper.

“Coop”, as they call him, spent all of last winter with a yellow ice scraper in his hand telling viewers “you’re gonna need one of these” every time a half inch of snow fell overnight (which was a lot). Honestly, seeing him appear in front of courthouses all summer is kind of a letdown for a reporter of his caliber. See you this winter, “Ice Scraper Guy”!

Next up we have meteorologist Dylan Dreyer.

“Dyl”, as they call her, is actually something of a geek. “A natural talent for physics and calculus” says her bio. I have a natural talent for hangovers. So she has brains and beauty. No wonder I like her almost as much as:

Co-Anchor Anne Allred.

“Anne”, as they call her, has won numerous awards for news writing and reporting, so don’t be fooled by the beautiful, but not too beautiful, cute, relatable, girl-you-want-to-wake-up-to face (which is exactly why management thinks she’s perfect for mornings. Not like I buy any of that. Oh yes, I do).

They sent Anne to Beijing for the Olympics. I’m so excited for her!

I got a question, though. Notice how she turns her body to one side and looks at the camera? I’ve never seen a reporter do that. She does that every time! I think it makes her look uncomfortable, like she’s about to make a break for it or something. Maybe she’s subliminally stating that in China, everyone’s looking over their shoulder. Most likely, it’s just the latest trend in reporting style.

Which you’ll see here first- on only one station- Seven News!

Grocery Talk

We now have organic tri-colored orzo in our bulk section! This tasty pasta will compliment any summer dish and will cook up in no time. Pick some up today!

Make delicious crab cakes at home using Rub with Love® crab cake mix. Rounds out the sweetness of crabmeat with the fragrance of celery seed and dill plus the tang of mustard and chipotle. I will be ordering cans of crabmeat this week because we’re down to just one.

And mothers, start your child’s day off right with a delicious breakfast of Annie’s® microwavable mac & cheese. Made with real white cheddar, it’s a naturally good source of calcium and protein. And it’s 75% organic! Five single servings per box. Look for the “Rabbit of Approval” on each package.

That is all.


Um Rob, do you remember when I asked you to write about something very specific this week? I myself do not remember what it was, but I remember that I said, “Be sure to write about this in your Grocery Talk column this week!” and you said, “I will!” But you didn’t and now we forgot what it was.

In the words of Laura Petry, “Oh Roooobbbbb!”

By the way,

Last week in the column I mentioned that I had had the experience of going to the Garden Cinema in Greenfield with about 90 of my closest women friends in Ashfield to see “Mamma Mia.” What I was actually extolling was the experience of seeing a movie with 90 other women you know from your town. The film itself was fun, but more fun with 90 others. And for maximum effect, those 90 should be at least 50 years of age or older.

Some younger women/girls took my description as a positive review of the actual film and went on their own—and I understand that they were not so impressed with it. I think you have to have been a female hippie of the sixties or seventies to fully appreciate the film. And you need to get at least 89 others of that age genre together to really enjoy it. It’s a whole group nostalgia thing—much more than it is a good film thing.

I am sorry for those I may have mis-led in my description of fun last week.

The Farm Report


Now that the sun is out – and even if it’s not (Will put up a tarp
over our deck. It has really helped us enjoy grilling even in the
rain!) – try grilling slices of eggplant, wedges of summer squash, and
whole bulbs of garlic. Peppers and onions or sliced potatoes and
onions in a foil pouch are delicious with just a dash of olive oil,
salt and pepper.


BLUEBERRIES from Nancy Intres, Ashfield
LETTUCE: BOSTON from Paddy Flat Farm, Ashfield
LETTUCE: GREEN LEAF from Paddy Flat Farm, Ashfield
LETTUCE: RED LEAF from Paddy Flat Farm, Ashfield
PEACHES from Paddy Flat Farm, Ashfield
PEPPERS: GREEN from Paddy Flat Farm, Ashfield
PLUMS from Paddy Flat Farm, Ashfield

TUESDAY, 8/12/08
TOMATOES from Sidehill Farm, Ashfield
EGGPLANT from Sidehill Farm, Ashfield

MONDAY, 8/11/08
GARLIC from Spring Water Garden, Ashfield
SUMMER SQUASH from Spring Water Garden, Ashfield

SATURDAY, 8/9/08
BEANS: GREEN from Sangha Farm, Ashfield
CORN from Atherton Farm, Buckland
CUCUMBERS from Sangha Farm, Ashfield

BEANS from Paddy Flat Farm, Ashfield
BEETS from Sangha Farm, Ashfield
CABBAGE: GREEN AND RED from Sangha Farm, Ashfield
HARICOT VERT from Spring Water Garden, Ashfield
PEPPERS: PURPLE from Paddy Flat Farm, Ashfield

Organic (Ecuador) Bananas
Organic (CA) Celery
Organic (HI) Ginger Root
Organic (CA) Leeks
Organic (CA) Onions
Organic (CA) Oranges
Organic (CA) Potatoes: Red and Gold

Conventional (Mexico) Lemons

To make specific produce requests, email me at


So that is it for this week—come on back next week for more! And send me some good advice! I need it!

Big E

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