HFVS Ice Cream & Lemonade Stands Episode (Radio Show/Podcast)

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Saturday from 9-10am & Sunday from 7-8am
August 9th, 2008
WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA

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Iced Tea Stand (the alternative to the traditional Lemonade Stand) -Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield

  • Louis Prima – “Banana Split for My Baby” [The Wildest!]
  • Laurie Berkner – “Ice Cream Cone” [Buzz Buzz]
  • Telephone Company – “I-C-E C-R-E-A-M” [The King’s Surprises?]
  • Michael Hearst – “Ice Cream!” [Songs For Ice Cream Trucks]
  • Station Id: The Harmonica Pocket [www.harmonicapocket.com]
  • Green Means Go – “Ice Cream” [A Day at the Seaside]
  • The Terrible Twos – “Jerzy the Giant’ [Jerzy the Giant] Release
  • Rhonda Vincent – “Bananaphone” [Sing Along with Putumayo]
  • The Hipwaders – “I Like Summertime” [The Hipwaders]
  • The Dirty Sock Funtime Band – “I’m Hot” [Mr. Clown and the Day the Sun Got Wet]
  • Adam and the Couch Potatoes – “Swimming, Swimming, Swimming” [One Size Fits All]
  • Michael Hearst – “The Sprinkle Twinkle'” [Songs for Ice Cream Trucks]
  • Station Id: Steve Weeks [www.steveweeksmusic.com]
  • Randy Kaplan – “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” [Five Cent Piece]
  • Nathan Abshire – “Lemonade Song” [Kings of Cajun Vol. III]
  • Gunnar Madsen – “Selling Lemonade” [Old Mr. Mackle Hackle]
  • Ralph Covert – “Happy Lemons” [Welcome to Ralph’s World]
  • Station Id: Princess Katie & Racer Steve [www.princessracer.com]
  • Peter Himmelman – “Lemonade Stand” [My Lemonade Stand]
  • Sly & The Family Stone – “Hot Fun in the Summertime” [The Essential Sly & the Family Stone]
  • Steve Weeks – “Up!” [Alphabet Songs Vol. III Rabbit Run]

One Comment on “HFVS Ice Cream & Lemonade Stands Episode (Radio Show/Podcast)

  1. Warm greetings from Miami.
    Just found your info here and sure sounds great…a bit different than family life here in Miami. You all might enjoy my recent “Lemonade Stand” story (I’ve written many articles for Parenting mags over the years) and some of the other areas I have the joy of being involved in. God bless,
    Ed Thompson

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